Deal Information Sheet

Once you've found a vehicle or vehicles you are interested in buying at Yahoo! Autos get your online quotes. You'll see this alone will save you quite a bit of money with little work.

Once you have your quotes you'll then want to:

  1. Drive the vehicle(s) you want
  2. Narrow your search down to one vehicle
  3. Make sure you want to buy this vehicle
  4. Make sure you "can" buy this vehicle (if financing you can let the dealer run credit at this point), and;
  5. Gather as much information from the form below as possible.

Let the dealer make you an offer and either negotiate your best deal or simply gather as much information about the offer as you can.

Once you've gathered that info, see if you can:

  • Borrow the vehicle for the night (preferred)
  • Borrow the vehicle for a few hours; or,
  • If you are willing to wait until tomorrow, then simply leave without the vehicle (beware, the vehicle could sell)

If you've already negotiated your deal, then double check that you have most, if not all, of the info below. Ask the dealer to print you a contract if possible.

The more information you can give me here the easier it is for me to help you. If you don't have some of this information, that is okay, but know that the less information I have the harder it is for me to give specific and more accurate advice.

FYI: I always recommend an independent third party inspection prior to buying a used vehicle. You can also learn some inspection tips in my Used Car Inspection Guide.

Once you've gathered this information share it here: Deal Recap Form

I will then use the information and the information you've previously provided to review your deal to let you know where I think you are at with the dealers offer.

Sales Price 
Trade In Value 
Trade Payoff 
Any Rebates 
All Taxes 
License Fees 
Any Dealer Fees 
Term of Loan 
Interest Rate 
Quoted Payments 
How Much Down Payment 
Warranty Cost 
Warranty Company 
Months/Miles of Coverage 
Type of Coverage
(Exclusionary or Stated Components)
What's the Deductible 
GAP Insurance Cost 
Tire Protection Cost 
Interior/Exterior Treatment Cost 
Cost of Other
Additional Expenses, Fees or Notes