5 Finger Close -
Car Dealer Scam

The 5 finger car dealer scam is really more of a closing technique, but can lead to a costly scam.

If it's being used on you, know that it's time to put the brakes on and take a closer look.

The whole point of this scam is to hide information on a vehicle sales contract, like information pertaining to hidden charges or over inflated fees.

How Does
It Work?

This is actually a really easy technique. Imagine a contract laying flat on a table. Now imagine sitting across from a salesman, or finance manager and them laying their palm flat on the contract and pointing to the signature line.

This can also be done with two hands and, almost like a magician distracts an audience, they may point with their right hand to the signature line (while pressing and holding their finger to it) while casually covering up information with their left palm.

They are trying to guide and/or lead you to signing without reviewing the information.

Like I said, really simple. When done by someone that has signed thousands of customers, it's really smooth and it wouldn't appear anything deceptive is taking place.

But what's
under his palm?

Is it:

  • $1,000 worth of Car Window Etching that you knew nothing about

  • A $2,000 bump in the sales price of the vehicle

  • $1,500 worth of paint sealant

  • A longer finance term

and I could go on and on.

What To Do
If It's Happening To You

If you notice someone using this technique and they are obviously trying to lead you to a signature line without disclosing all the information on a contract first, it's time to:

  • Stop them

  • Ask them to move their hand


  • Read and reread the contract closely.

Closes like this are used in conjunction with Payment Packing to fill the leg in the payment and can lead to a very expensive car dealer scam.

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