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How to Sell Cars
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Car Salesman tips and tricks to master the art of selling cars.
How to sell cars for a living, even in a tough economy...

It may seem a little odd that a car buying tips website would have a section devoted to salesmen (saleswomen included) and how they can increase their sales and profits, but the information found throughout this section of the site can actually be used for both buyers and "sellers".

If you are planning on buying a car you can learn what's going on behind the scenes and what to expect. If you are a salesman or saleswoman you can increase your knowledge and fine tune your skills. You can even ask your Car Sales Questions below.

Let's begin with...

How Much Car Salesman Make?
OK, let's get to the good stuff! One of the most popular pages on this site is about car salesman salary, how they're paid and what to expect. This is an excellent page to start with as this will show you whether or not you can actually profit in this business. Hint: A car salesperson can do quite well, even in this economy.

Steps to the Sale
Now that you've read the salary page and have had a chance to see how much money can be made selling cars you're probably eager to get started... Selling cars is not as easy as simply meeting a buyer, going on a test drive and signing some contracts. It can be, but it's usually not the case.

Those crafty buyers will make you work just a little bit harder than that and most car dealerships will have steps to the sale to follow. Read my How to Sell Cars page to learn the most common steps to the sale that car dealerships use.

If you are already a car salesman and are currently in a rut or you simply want to take your sales to the next level, take a look at my How to Sell More Cars page. This will give you some insight into what the "Top Dogs" do day in and day out to sell more and earn more.

Even though those tend to be the most common steps to the sale, I've found that the best approach I've ever used and/or been trained in, was Grant Cardone Sales Training, it literally saved my car sales career. His approach is very "21st Century," non-confrontational and extremely effective.

I've begun to see many dealerships switching over to the Grant Cardone style of sales or similar systems. It's very pressure free for buyers while at the same time smoothly moves the sale forward. This typically translates to more sales and higher profits.

The newly built Sales Tips page is a great refresher for those in the business and a must read for "newbies."

Ready to Dominate?  Then Learn to Crush the Close! 

Use ANY of Grant Cardone's simple, yet Powerful Closing Techniques!

Be Ethical for More Profits and Good Sleep
There are really only two ways to sell cars and you can profit either way, but only one is for a long standing career, with a steadily increasing income and the ability to sleep well at night, with a clear conscience.

In addition, you'll have a steady and solid base of repeat and referral customers that will actually make your job easier as time goes on.

The second way to sell cars is through deception and bold faced lies. If you choose this option you'll probably find yourself bouncing from dealership to dealership with little to no repeat business, or referrals, and somewhere down the road you'll have such a bad name that you may have problems getting a job in your city, or worse, the entire state.

To sum this this up, stay ethical, make fair profits, sleep well at night and be proud to call yourself a professional car salesman. In other words, don't be The Badger!

Talk the Talk
This business can be a funny one and it also has its own language. If you want to start your first day at the dealership and not be viewed as a total "Green Pea," then you'll want to know what the heck everyone is talking about.

Take a look at the car salesman dictionary Slang Words and Phrases to learn the language and speak like a pro!

Things That Are Bound to Drive You Crazy
Selling cars can be a fun and profitable job, but it also comes with some drawbacks. Take a look at 7 Things That Will Drive You Crazy.

That page was originally written for people buying cars and I'll apologize in advance for spilling the beans, but whether I wrote about it or not, trust me, these 7 things would still happen.


Negotiation Tips &
Car Salesman Closing Techniques

In order to start closing sales, it's important to have a solid foundation and understanding of the negotiation process. Take a look at these Car Negotiation Tips to see some of what I consider to be absolutely essential rules of the road for closing a car deal. These are not strictly car salesman closes, but what it takes to build a strong closing base.

Ben Franklin Close
Ben Franklin would have been an excellent closer and a strong salesperson. OK, maybe that's a bit of a stretch, but he did leave behind a very solid closing technique that is still used quite successfully to this day.

Take a look at the Ben Franklin Close to learn how Mr. Franklin made tough decisions.

My Boss Said No Close
"My boss said NO!" I'm sure you've been told no by your boss before, but now you can finally make some money turning those no's into car deals. Closing sales is fun and can be easy with this profitable sales closing technique. Sales closing technique when the boss says no.

The Handshake Closing Technique
One of my favorite closing techniques that I used rather frequently to close the deal and make more profits when I was a car salesman. The Handshake Close, Congratulate, Shake, Disclose and Close!

Handling "Payment Too High" Objections
Here are some funny come backs to the most common objection the Payments Are Too High. They're not only funny, but can be very effective.

Master Objections with Training from the "Master" himself...

Get the Grant Cardone Rebuttal Manual today!


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