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Grant Cardone sales training and his sales techniques saved my car sales career. They not only kept me from leaving the business, but helped me boost my sales (which tripled my income) and allowed me to land a management spot much quicker than most in the business.

My Quick Story
I had a few years in the business at that time and was working too much for too little while quickly burning out. I was a an average, at best, salesman and tended to lose control of the sale whenever early objections arose.

My closing skills were okay when I could get to that level, but that was probably just because they were "lay downs."

Early objections like: "We're just looking," would lead to me responding with some canned response that a lot of sales trainers preach..."Great! What are you looking for? A car, truck or SUV?"

Of course, this worked sometimes, but many customers would feel pressured. They were basically telling me to pound sand and that response was basically me telling them "Sure I'll pound sand, but not until I pound you first!"

It was very old school and an approach to selling cars that many customers don't like. If they start feeling like your pushing them, then bells and whistles begin to go off in their head and a big invisible, and oftentimes impenetrable, wall goes up.

The Solution?
A Non Confrontational Sales Approach

My solution was to use Grant Cardone Sales Training techniques that take a more non confrontational approach to selling a car.

What do you think would get the best response from the customer? What you just read above, or a response like this:

"No problem. My goal is to give you all the time and information you need to make a well informed decision."

"In fact, before you leave here today, I'd like to not only give you our best price for whatever vehicle you are considering, but I'd be happy to provide you with an estimate on the down payment, monthly payment and even figures for your car. Does that sound fair to you?"

At this point you've told them you're going to let them go without having to buy now (of course, that's still the goal). This allows them to relax and trust you, because you are there to help them, not hurt them.

This is exactly what Grant Cardone sales training is all about...Non-confrontational selling. Trust me, it's more profitable and much more effective.

"In every transaction someone is sold. Either you sell them a car, or they sell you on a reason they can't buy one!"

Are You Buying It or Selling It?
If you find that you are buying what the customer is selling, more than you find customers buying what you're selling, then it's time to make a change. Change your attitude, change your approach, sell more cars and you'll make more money.

Below you'll find some of the Grant Cardone sales training products and a brief description of each. Some of his products can be a little expensive and I'd highly recommend at least starting out by getting one of his books...Of course, if you can afford to get any of his audio products than do so.

The investment you make in yourself and your career now, will pay big dividends. Learn his system, apply it daily and you will cash bigger pay checks!

Grant Cardone
Sales Training Books, Video and Audio

The first two Grant Cardone products available are his books Sell To Survive and The Closers Survival Guide. If you can afford to get either one or both of these with the audio course, then I'd highly recommend it.

If not, at least get the book(s), they will truly open your eyes to a much easier and effective way to sell.

Sell To Survive Book
This book is a real awakening as to how important having the ability to sell and sell well are vital to a successful existence.

This book was written with both the professional salesperson and people that just want to achieve more in their lives. Whether you're selling cars, vacuums door to door, or yourself, this book is a must read. As Grant Cardone puts it, this is Recession Fighting Technology.

The Closer’s Survival Guide Book
If you can't close the deal and make the sale, then everything you've done up to that point is a waste of time. Closing the sale is absolutely the only way you are going to get paid and Grant Cardone covers over 120 ways to close the deal.

Your income relies on you being able to get buyers from "I'll think about it" to "yes I will." Now is the time for you to get serious about your success, so close yourself on this opportunity and buy this book today. Your bank account will thank you for it!

Strictly Automotive

85 Closes
This is an exciting set of CD's where you can hear Grant Cardone handling some of the most common types of objections car salesman encounter. This set even comes with a handy little book to reference, while on a deal, to know which close is best for that particular customer. If you want to sell more cars, then you've got to close more deals, buy these 85 sales closes on CD today!

Control Without Confrontation
If you're considering this product, then you know it's time to make a change and you're ready to move to the highest level you can go. Grant Cardone has put together 10 CD's with workbook that will rocket you up the sales ladder and explode your income. This is one of Grant's more expensive sales training products, but well worth it!

The Grant Cardone sales training products are loaded with powerful sales techniques that will truly help you to be the best that you can be.

If money is tight right now, don't worry about rushing out and buying them all, but I would certainly recommend purchasing at least one of his books to get familiar with his style and to help you start earning more money right away. Remember this...

Whether you think you can or you think you can't, You're Right!

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