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A vehicle extended warranty seems pretty simple on the surface...Your car breaks down, you bring it to a mechanic, your warranty company pays for the repair and away you go...

That's how it should work anyway!

When you buy an extended car warranty, it's like buying a health insurance policy for your car and when you need it to get fixed, you expect them to be there for you.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of scams and fly by night warranty companies out there, but not here. You'll only get quotes from well established, reputable vehicle extended warranty companies.

Not only that, but you'll Never Pay Retail for your coverage. Save hundreds, in some cases up to $1400 or more, buying like an insider.

See for yourself, quotes are free, easy, no obligation to buy and there are plans for almost all makes and models...

Vehicle Extended Warranty Quotes

Through the dealership that I work for, I am able to offer you quotes from up to three excellent companies. The only requirement is that your vehicle still be covered by the original bumper to bumper factory warranty.

Go ahead and fill out the quote form below and based on your vehicles information and plan terms of coverage you are looking for I will get you a quote for the most complete and least expensive coverage available.

Your privacy is taken very seriously and I'll never rent or sell your information.
For more info, read how your information will be used.

Extended Warranty Quotes

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But Wait, There's More!

Extended Auto Warranty Reviews
My reviews of some of the nations top warranty providers. In addition, you can add your own reviews of companies you've had experience with in the past. The good, the bad and the ugly!

Best New Car Warranties Comparison
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Factory Extended Warranty Overview
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Extended Auto Warranty FAQ
Here are some of the most common questions I receive from visitors to this site about extended warranties, plus specific questions about GM warranty plans.

Extended Warranty Info to Know
There is certainly some vehicle extended warranty info you'll want to know before you fork over hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars to buy one. Here you'll find 12 key questions to ask prior to buying your next warranty.

Avoid Over
Paying At The Dealership

Dealerships will often try to charge full retail or more to buy an extended car warranty. Quite frankly, that's too much and you will be over paying.

Why pay full retail or more, when you can buy the same high level of coverage from reputable companies online? Get some quotes and see for yourself.

You'll get both Vehicle One and official GMPP Warranty quotes from my dealership or you can get quotes from the largest online seller of warranties Warranty Direct.

Keep in mind, the average mark up I've seen at past dealerships I've worked for is roughly $900 or more and if the Finance Manager is allowed to set the rates, then you could be paying a mark up as high as $2500 for your vehicle extended warranty coverage. Never Pay Retail!

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