Extended Warranty
Privacy Policy

This is the short version of my privacy policy and for the lengthy legal version of the entire sites privacy policy please view privacy policy.

All information that you provide on this site for an extended warranty quote will never be rented, sold or shared.

If you opt to purchase an extended warranty, then the same would apply and your information would only be shared with the selling dealership solely for the purpose of providing you with the desired coverage.

I personally do not like to be harassed by salesmen and I will not and do not do this to my customers. If you ask to not be contacted by phone you will not be contacted by phone.

Email is my preferred method of communication, because it is quicker and outside of this website I also have a day job, as the name of the site implies. Even if you were to OK a phone call you will still more than likely only receive email, unless you specifically ask me to call you.

Just know if you do not provide a phone and/or do not OK a phone call and there is an issue with emailing you a quote, then you will never get your quote, because I will honor your request not to be called.

You will receive an email from me with your personalized warranty quote and not more than three additional follow up emails from me, assuming you have not purchased a warranty already.

Of course, if you open a line of communication, then I may send more than three emails in order to answer your questions, but for only that reason.

If you would like for the follow up emails to stop, then simply reply to one of my emails with Stop Email in the title or near the top of the message and that's the last you'll hear from me.