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Questions for the Salesman
If you are just beginning your car buying adventure, then you'll want to take a look at my 10 Questions to Ask When Buying a Car.

Those questions aren't designed to replace my 11 Steps to Buying a Car, but they will certainly help you to avoid the dreaded "Buyers Remorse."

Why My Advice
I have personally been involved with thousands upon thousands of new and used car buying and sales transactions.

Package my past experience with the fact that I am still currently employed in the car business and you've found the Internets #1 source for your car buying Q&A.

If you have car buying questions specific to your situation, whether it's before, during or even after you have bought, and didn't find your answer on the site, then I'd be more than happy to help. Simply fill out the easy form just below.

Otherwise you can scroll down to see some of the most viewed questions other visitors have asked. You'll find tons of info and some great tips!

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Your Car Buying Questions

For general car buying questions simply fill out the form just below. For more specific questions take a look at these pages:

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Most Viewed
Car Buying Questions

First Time Car Buyer
Ariel of Fort Worth, TX
My question is if you could tell me where to start looking for cars and auto loans. I have been looking on the Internet, but I think I have been looking too much over my head. I am wondering if you could give me some tips...

Bad Credit Car Loan After Bankruptcy
Tammy B. of Toronto, ON
Hi Justin, I had to claim bankruptcy in 2006 due illness. I don't have a medical plan at work with left me no choice but to use credit for medications prescribed to me. Before this action, I looked into "consolidating" my debts. The company was fraudulent which added to my dilemma.

Repossession Loan Programs and Approval
Some credit questions from Tamara in Detroit
I had a car that was repossessed, but I eventually paid it off. Would I be able to get another auto loan or am I stuck? What kind of interest rate can I expect if it is possible ...

Need a Loan for Down Payment on a Car
An auto loan question from Nick in Portland, OR
Where can I find a loan for down payment on a car? I finally got approved with one of the local dealerships and they have a car that works for my credit, but ...

Credit Report Error and Ford Motor Credit Approval
Some new car buying questions from Tanya in Austin, TX
My scores up until November 22, 2009 was exp: 688, equifax 580 and Transunion 626. A collection agency reported me to the credit bureau on November 16, which on November 22, is when it showed up and my credit

Need Help With Auto Financing After Bankruptcy
Grace H. from Florida
My husband & I filed bankruptcy over 4 yrs ago. He is now starting his own business and I have been working for the same company for 8 years. I wanted to ask 2 car buying questions...

No Credit Score Auto Loan
John H. of Shrewsbury, MA
Okay so I went to look at a 2006 Chevy Impala LT, it has 77,000 on it and its selling for $8250, but I need a bad credit auto loan with TT&L included which puts it...

Need Help With Car Loan, Due to Bad Credit Issues
Used car buying questions from Sam V. of Victorville, CA
Here is a brief outlook on my credit. I'm 20 years old very young and my credit has only been in progress for 2 years. My brother will cosign, but only scores 618-622...

519 Credit Score Affecting Loan Approvals
Ezio of New Jersey
First, This is a great site. To get straight to the point, a Corvette dealer in Atlanta ran my wife's credit and came up with a 519 credit score. They said one more point [520 credit score] and they may have been able to help...

622 Credit Score and Auto Loan Rates
Ange in TX Needs Auto Loan Help With Loan Rates
I have a 622 credit score on Experian and don't have bad credit, but not much credit. I have 27 years...

Credit Acceptance Corp Auto Loan
Andrew in Long Island, NY
I had some issues with a Credit Acceptance Corp auto loan and am wondering where I can get an auto loan now...

Credit Acceptance Corp Auto Loans
Jimmy K. in South Carolina
Do you still recommend Credit Acceptance Corp for auto loans? I need an auto loan after my bankruptcy and make about 140k annually. My bankruptcy has been discharged for...

What Credit Reports Credit Score is used
John H. of Shrewsbury, MA
Hey My name is John I actually asked you some car buying questions a few days ago..I have no credit history and my cosigner has a 580 score..Well I checked her score online and TransUnion...

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