How To Sell A Car

Your Guide to
Private Party Car Sales

This easy 14 step guide on how to sell a car was designed to help you sell your car private party, both quickly and for maximum profit.

If you are considering selling your car vs. trading it in to a dealer, then there are some drawbacks to private party car sales that you should be aware of prior to taking this step.

Please review those before getting started here if you are on the fence as to whether or not you really want to sell the car yourself.

OK, if you're still here (hopefully) and you're sure you want to sell your car on your own, then let's get started...

How To
Sell A Car Guide

Get ready to sell your car...

>> Step 1 - Your State Motor Vehicle Dept.
When it comes to transfer of ownership and titling, all I can say it right the first time! Here's some forms you'll want to know about and a 50 state list of websites.

State Motor Vehicle Department
>> Step 2 - Set Your Cars Sale Price
Set it too high and you'll get no calls. Set it too low and you could be leaving thousands on the table.

Learn more about how to set your Cars Sales Price
>> Step 3 - How To Prep Your Car
Give your car a showroom shine and watch it sell itself. What to repair, what not to repair and what most buyers look at.

Learn How To Prep A Car

Let the world know your cars for sale...

>> Step 4 - 12 Places To Run Car For Sale Ads
There are many great Free places to run ads and of course there are great paid options as well. Here are a few of each to consider.

Learn 12 great places to run Car For Sale Ads
>> Step 5 - How To Sell A Car Online
What pictures to take, how many to take and how to write online ads.

Learn how I would Sell My Car Online
>> Step 6 - Write Print Ads That Pull
Get buyers excited with excellent ads and your phone will ring off the hook.

Learn to Write Used Car Classified Ads That Work

Some car salesman basics...

>> Step 7 - Taking Calls From Prospective Buyers
Your phone is ringing off the hook, what do you do? Answer it, set an appointment and sell your car. Do's and don'ts for phone calls.

Learn how to Take Calls From Buyers
>> Step 8 - The Meet and Greet
Brush your teeth, comb your hair and put on your Sunday best, because you've got 15 seconds to make a great first impression. Well, it's not that strict, but it's definitely important. You say a lot about your car.

Learn the importance of the Meet and Greet.
>> Step 9 - How To Sell A Car With The Walk Around
Get their pulse pounding with an excellent walk around. This is where you get to really sell your cars value to the buyer. This step is crucial to maximizing profits.

Learn to sell with a great Walk Around
>> Step 10 - Let's Take It For A Spin
Safety first with this step. How to have a safe, but effective test drive.

Learn more about the Test Drive
>> Step 11 - Negotiate To Win
You'll need to do more than stare at the side of the car and talk about the weather if you want to maximize your profits.

Learn to Negotiate to Win

Close the deal and wrap it up...

>> Step 12 - Help The Buyer Get The Money To Buy
If you've got twice as many buyers that "can" buy, then you'll sell it faster and usually make more money.

Help the buyer get the money to buy
>> Step 13 - Transfer New or Used Car Warranty
Many private car sales include a new car or extended warranty transfer. Tips to transfer, who's paying the bill and how to get a refund.

Learn how to Transfer the Car Warranty
>> Step 14 - It's Not Over Until The Paperwork Is Done
Pull out those boring, but important forms from step 1, sign, sign, sign...Count your money and head to the bank.

Learn about Private Cars Sales Paperwork
>> Recap of How To Sell Your Car
We've covered a lot, so here's a quick recap to put it all together.

How To Sell Your Car Summary

Summing Up How to Sell Your Car

The best way to sum up how to sell a car is to keep in mind that:

  • You want it to be done right the first time, so check with the DMV.

  • You want to give the car some "eyeball" with a nice wash, wax and shampoo.

  • Design your advertising to get the phone to ring.

  • Once ringing, set the appointment. Don't negotiate over the phone.

  • Show off the car, it's features and benefits.

  • Take a safe and effective test drive.

  • If possible, try to close the deal immediately after the test drive...Best chance for the most profit.

  • If you need to negotiate, let the other party throw out a number first. If you throw out a number that's too low it's very hard to go back up.

  • Transfer and/or cancel any warranties.

  • Finish up the paperwork, preferably at Motor Vehicles, and...

Take your money to the bank!

I hope this guide on how to sell a car was informative and has helped to show you how to sell your car quickly and of course...for maximum profit.

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