Car For Sale Ads

12 Great Places
To Advertise Your Car

Where to place private party car for sale ads...
The 4th of 14 steps of how to sell your car private party

Below you'll find 7 Free places to advertise your car and 5 that you'll need to pay for. I've found that oftentimes the Free methods can be just as effective for selling a car fast.

Before we cover the 12 places to advertise your car, I'd like to quickly say that Ebay Motors is not usually a good place to sell a car.

This is based on my own personal experience and from research I've done about Ebay Motors. Average cars seem to have below average sales prices...

I've found that unless you are a professional auto seller and/or selling a very rare vehicle that it's just not worth the money or the effort to list on Ebay.

12 Great Places
To Run Car For Sale Ads

  1. The Car Itself (FREE)

    Paint the rear window, post a for sale sign, etc.

  2. Word of Mouth (FREE)

    Offer to pay a finders fee for a referral that leads to the car selling.

  3. Bulletin Boards (FREE)

    Markets, colleges, your work, the gym, auto parts store, etc.

  4. Shopping Center Parking Lots (FREE)

    Leave some fliers under the windshield wiper while you're inside shopping.

  5. Park It (FREE)

    Intersections, parking lots, empty lot near road.

  6. Craigslist (FREE)

    Great source for the right types of vehicles. Doesn't seem to do so well with newer vehicles, but there is the potential for thousands to see your ad and it's free.

  7. (FREE)

    The free listings are for a limited ad and you would have to pay for a premium ad. Premium ads will sell faster, but hey, free is free.

  8. Auto Trader Online (fee applies)

    Very high traffic site and buyers can narrow their search locally. Extremely effective for the money. You Can Run it ‘til it Sells at

  9. Auto Trader Publication (fee applies)

    Very popular and available in most every convenient store, gas station and grocery store.

  10. Local Newspaper (fee applies)

    In my opinion, newspapers are simply too expensive for the limited amount of ad space that you are allowed.

  11. Other Online Sources (fee applies),, Yahoo!Autos, etc.

  12. Consign It (fee applies)

    Sell the car with a consignment dealer. The dealer will usually charge you an inspection (non-refundable) fee up front. You won't typically get as much as selling it on your own, but you'll usually get more than trading it in.

If you are in a hurry to get rid of the car and can't wait to sell it, then you can consider CarMax. They will buy your car for cash. Just know that they will only buy it for roughly the trade in value.

Now that you where to place private party car for sale ads...
What would you like to do next?

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