How Do I Sell
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How to sell my car online...
The 5th of 14 steps of how to sell your car private party

I have quite a bit of experience selling cars for dealerships online and if I were going to sell my car online my main focus would be all about...

Pictures, pictures and more pictures!

Who wants to read 1000 words, when one picture is worth just as much?

When selling a car online, you must take full advantage of every resource available. If the site you are listing with allows 5 pictures, then take 5 excellent pictures.

At a bare minimum
you'll want to take pictures of:

  • The front of the vehicle

  • The side of the vehicle

  • The instrument cluster

    Recline the front seats, work yourself into the back and get as wide a shot of the dash and center console as possible.

Car Dealers Do

The Internet departments that I've either ran, or worked in, would take anywhere from 7-12 photos of each car:

  • Frontal picture
  • Frontal picture at a 45 degree angle

  • Side
  • Rear

  • Up close of one of the wheels (if alloys or premium)

  • Front seats
  • Rear seats
  • If an SUV or van, picture with the tailgate open of the interior
  • Driver door arm rest (to show power windows, mirrors, seat memory, etc)
  • Wide shot of the instrument cluster, radio and center console
  • Close up of instrument cluster showing miles
  • Close up of the radio

  • The moon roof (if applicable)

Is Everything

Take the picture portion seriously if you plan to sell your car online. Sloppy pictures are no good.

If you are not familiar with how to take good pictures, then ask for a family member or friend, with a basic knowledge of taking digital photos, to help.

Write Like

In addition to the power of pictures, you also have the ability to write a very lengthy, detailed description. Take full advantage of this as well.

Just keep in mind that print is read differently online and you want to keep paragraphs short. People tend to skim when they read online and lengthy paragraphs just don't cut it.

You'll notice throughout my site that although some of my pages may be long, my paragraphs are four sentences tops and usually two to three.

"Make it easier for the buyer and you'll ultimately
make it easier for you."

Offer a free vehicle history report to show there is nothing to hide and that the car is as good as you claim it is.

Get a VIN Check

See the basic information about your vehicle and how many records we have. Enter your VIN to get started!

Don't have a VIN? You can still get a report on a car!

Now that you know how I'd sell my car online...
What would you like to do next?

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