Used Car Classified Ads

How To Write Effective
Used Car Ads That Pull

How to write used car classified ads...
The 6th of 14 steps on how to sell your car private party

Writing effective used car classified ads is crucial to getting your phone to ring off the hook. Write the wrong ad and you might as well disconnect your phone service...Write a great ad and your phone will explode with calls.

This is where selling a car online has a hands down advantage over print advertising. Online you are able to not only post color photos, but are able to give a much more complete description of the vehicle.

This section will mainly focus on how to sell a car with shorter print advertising, but will still apply, to a degree, to online ads you may write.

Keep in mind that when writing short ads for print advertising, you are trying to get the phone to ring and not sell the car in four sentences.

Try to whet their appetite with a strong lead in
that makes them "have" to call to learn more...

Know Your
Potential Buyers

An important thing to keep in mind, is who you feel your potential buyers will be. If you are selling a Buick LeSabre, then phrases like:

  • hot
  • fast
  • really cool car, etc.

may not appeal to the more mature buyer that would be looking to buy a Buick LeSabre.

Wherein, phrases like:

  • Smooth riding
  • One owner
  • Always garaged
  • Regular maintenance
  • 5 star crash rating, etc.

might be more appealing and more targeted.

Always List The
Basics About The Car:

  • Year, Make, Model, Trim, 4x4, Diesel, etc.
  • Miles and Color
  • Mechanical Condition
  • Physical Condition
  • Special Options (Moon roof, tow package, leather, etc)
  • The Price (don't use firm! If you want $4,000 firm, then list the car for $4,995 OBO and let them wiggle you down to $4,000. You may end up getting it all.)
  • Your first name, phone number and, if there's room, email address

18 Power
Words and Phrases

  1. All power

  2. Bargain

  3. Below book

  4. Highway miles

  5. Ice cold air

  6. Motivated seller

  7. Priced to sell

  8. Well maintained

  9. Clean - interior, exterior, title (especially in Katrina areas)

  10. Extra - clean, sharp, etc.

  11. Free - tank of gas, accessories, vehicle history report, etc.
    (people love "free" stuff)

  12. Great - tires, paint, family car, ride, stereo, gas mileage, curb appeal, etc.

  13. Must - see, drive, sell, etc.

  14. New - paint, tires, engine, etc.

  15. Only - 20k miles, $4,995 OBO, one owner, etc.

  16. Super - buy, deal, bargain, etc.

  17. Very - clean, nice, sporty, solid, reliable, etc.

  18. Vehicle history report - Free VHR

    This shows you've got nothing to hide and it's convenient for the buyer. AutoCheck® Vehicle History Reports from Experían Automotive.

An Example:

'06 F150 Lariat 4x4, 44k, blk/gry
6" lift, 20's, turns heads, very
clean, must see, solid, Free VHR,
motivated $16,995OBO 818-123-
4567, for pics

Now that you've written excellent used car classified ads...
What would you like to do next?

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