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Negotiate To Win!

Private car sales - Negotiate to win...
The 11th of 14 steps on how to sell your car private party

If after test driving the car (step #10), things didn't transition into a sale the way we had hoped for, then let the negotiations begin.

Some people love to negotiate and some hate it. Those that love will tend to be naturally pretty good at it and those that hate it won't. The following tips are more for those that hate it and will hopefully help to give you some ideas how to negotiate without "negotiating."

For the sake of brevity, I'll just touch on some important key points to keep in mind and not go way in depth about the psychological aspects of negotiation.

Four Quick Tips
For Successful Negotiations

  1. Don't start the negotiation.

    If the buyer asks you what is the lowest price you'll take, simply say, "I'm considering all offers and will make a decision at the end of the day, week, etc."

    Or, "I don't have a set lowest price, but I'd be interested to hear what your offer is."

  2. If they low ball you.

    Use the "other person" approach. If I sold it for that my wife would kill me. I could sell it for $xxxx.xx and she'd probably only make me sleep on the couch for a week.

    Or simply, my wife/husband is not here at the moment and we agreed to discuss all offers before making a decision as to what we would accept.

  3. You don't have to sell to this person.

    If you are uncomfortable with the negotiation, or simply don't like the person you are dealing with, then end the negotiating.

    Some people that love to negotiate can sometimes be very pushy and can make the situation very uncomfortable.

    Simply tell them you have another buyer coming in 20 minutes and you'd like to see what they have to offer before committing.

  4. Always leave some wiggle room in your price.

    In step #2 of how to sell a car, I talked about not setting firm prices. This is because everyone likes to feel like they got a deal and to some degree won the negotiation.

    On top of that, you may find a buyer that won't negotiate at all and will pay full price, therefore, increasing your profit.

    Always leave some wiggle room so that you have some flexibility when negotiating.

Now that you can negotiate to win at private car sales...
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