Private Car Sales

Help The Buyer Buy
With Some Financing Options

Private car sales - Financing options for the buyer...
The 12th of 14 steps on how to sell your car private party

Not everyone is a cash buyer and if you want to know how to sell a car quickly, then you have to know how to get some buyers the money to buy.

Very Important: I would highly recommend that you never work out payment arrangements with the buyer!

There is a saying in the car business that "Buyers Are Liars" and although, I don't fully believe that, I would never trust someone buying my car to make payments.

If they are so credit worthy, then they should have no problem getting a car loan from a professional lender!

You can follow that advice, or not, but either way...
Consider Yourself Warned!

Options For The Buyer

You won't necessarily need to hold the buyers hand and walk them through the entire car loan process, but you'll want to help give them a direction to go in order to find the money they need to buy your car.

Check with 2-3 local banks and/or 2-3 local credit unions to see if they offer financing for the type of car (make, model, age, miles) you are selling.

Also ask for:

  • Their best rates.
  • Do they work with bad credit.
  • How long is the approval process.
  • How they handle private party purchases.

The easier you can make it for a buyer to buy the quicker you will sell the car and typically for more money.

This is especially true with customers that have some credit issues.

Now that you've helped the buyer find financing to buy your car...
What would you like to do next?

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