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When you originally purchased the car (you have now sold) or even some time down the road, you may have purchased products and/or services that can either be transferred to a new owner and/or canceled for a refund.

Whether you'll need to transfer a vehicle extended warranty, transfer the factory warranty, transfer other products and/or services, or cancel them for a refund, you'll want to know how to do it with the least amount of hassle.

Factory Warranty

Oftentimes, to transfer the factory warranty, the seller (you in this case) will not have to get involved, because the new owner can prove their ownership with a title and/or the cars registration.

All the new owner would have to do is contact the manufacturers warranty division to update the manufacturers records with them as the new owner. You can take a look at my New Car Warranty page to find links to each one of the manufacturers warranty websites, which will have their contact info.

At the most, the new owner would need to fax the title and/or registration to prove they are the new owner. I don't know of any manufacturers that charge a fee to transfer coverage.

Extended Warranty

To transfer an extended warranty, simply read the original contract and it should clearly state the transfer procedure process. If you don't have the original contract, then simply contact the dealership that you bought it from.

Oftentimes, you the seller will need to initiate the transfer of an extended warranty. You may need to complete a transfer of ownership form and there is usually a $30 - $50 transfer fee that applies. Be sure to figure who is paying for the transfer before the deal is done.

Other Products / Services

These products / services (window etch, paint and fabric treatment, maintenance plans, wheel and tire, etc.) will usually be transferred in a very similar fashion to the extended warranties.

Again, refer to the original contract and be sure to figure out who is paying for the transfer if a fee applies.

Products / Services

If the buyer of your car does not want to transfer the extended warranty, then be sure to cancel the coverage. Oftentimes, you'll be entitled to a nice refund. This refund can be in the hundreds to thousands of dollars, so don't forget this!

That I'm aware of all 50 states make it mandatory that extended warranties be cancelable and a prorated refund be issued to the contract holder.

The same would apply for GAP Insurance. As for other products / services, you'd have to refer to the original contract to see if it is possible to cancel for a refund.

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