Establish Your
Cars Sale Price

The Selling Price Of Your
Car Is Key To Calls & Profits

Establish your cars sale price...
The 2nd of 14 steps of how to sell your car private party

Establishing your cars sale price is a very important step to selling your car quickly and for maximum profit. The selling price you set is one of the major keys to:

  1. Getting Your Phone
    To Ring Off The Hook

    Price your car too high and you'll get no calls, even if you follow the price with OBO (Or Best Offer).

  2. Maximizing Your Profits

    Price your car too low and you stand to leave money on the table.

Used Car Value Guides

When figuring the selling price, use guides like Kelley Blue Book or NADA to get a general understanding of the value of the car you are selling.

After getting an idea of the:

  • Retail value
  • Private Party value
  • and Trade In value

search online, or your local newspaper, to find local dealers with similar cars for sale. Get an idea of what they are selling cars like yours for.

Keep in mind, the asking price and the ultimate selling price of a car are oftentimes two completely different things.

Don't Price
Yourself Out of the Market

It's important to note that you do not want to price yourself out of the market by asking a higher price than local car dealers.

Unless you live in a state that does not charge sales tax for private party car sales, then it really wouldn't make much sense for a buyer to buy from you as opposed to the dealership.

This is because dealers usually have their cars inspected, reconditioned and there is typically an automatic 15 day 500 mile implied warranty that covers any used vehicles they sell.

This is important to remember, because if three local dealers are selling cars very similar to yours for $14,000, but your real proud of yours and are asking $17,995...Good luck getting the phone to ring.

Now that you've established your cars sale price...
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