Vehicle One Warranty Pays!!!

by Joe M.
(Austin, TX)

Review: I've had a Vehicle One warranty on two trucks that I've owned. I didn't need it for the first truck and was hesitant to buy it on the second truck.

After some hmmmming and hawing I decided to go ahead and buy one on my second truck...I'm glad I did!

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To date, I've had close to $4000 worth of repairs done on my truck and I never once had an issue with VO. Surprisingly, this truck only had about 42,000 miles when it started having problems and was about 3 years old.

VO covered the cost of the repairs, labor, taxes and a rental car for one repair (didn't need one for the others). All I had to pay was the deductible.

I also have to say that I'm happy I found this site, because the quote I just got for my newest truck is less expensive (by about $420) for the same coverage I had on my last truck.

I would definitely recommend Vehicle One to anyone that is looking to buy an extended warranty.

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