Car Salesman Interview Tips

by Quentin

Question: Hey I have an interview at a big, new Nissan dealership in Georgia on Monday and I really want to make a good impression and I kinda need some help.

I have a lot of questions but you have plenty of pages so I am going to take the time out and read them so I don't ask redundant questions but 2 things..

1. Any tips on the interview? I don't want to leave without them thinking "WOW! We gotta hire this guy".

2. What are the hours of a car salesman? I hear a lot that if you work as a car sales man you will never have free time.. blah blah blah

I'm fresh out of college so I am ready to work, but just kinda wanna know what I'm in for... What would you estimate the hours being? How many days a WEEK should I be expected to work?

I'm 21 years old and I recently graduated from Devry University (computer information systems) in June.

I also have plenty of clothing retail experience and car detailing experience. I'm looking for a career not a job! Dad (RIP)used to be a sales manager at BMW so I'm interested in seeing if its in the blood!

Answer: Hi Quentin,

I am happy you asked what you asked...In fact, I think you've inspired me to write a page on car salesman interview tips, because many people I've interviewed in the past certainly could have used all the tips they could get.

I've been responsible for interviewing new salesman at 4 different dealerships I've worked for and it has never failed to amaze me how people come dressed to get a job.

Many people seem to think that being a car salesman is a laid back job (and to some degree it is) and that it is okay to show up to an interview in shorts and a T-shirt. I'm in Arizona and it's hot, but there is absolutely no excuse to show up for a job interview dressed like that.

On top of that, I've had people show up at interviews with their kids sitting on their laps while I was interviewing them.

Treat this interview as it should be...A chance to get a high paying job!

Here are three car salesman interview tips to be sure to follow:

1) Dress professionally. Slacks and tie for men and pant suit
or professional looking dress for women.

2) Be enthusiastic and talk about how much you enjoy people, cars and you want to make a bunch of money doing what you love. Yes, it is okay to tell them you want to make a bunch of money, because the more you make the more they make.

3) Don't tell them this is a summer job. It may be, but most dealerships don't want to put the money and time into training someone that is going to blow out in 3 months. This is especially true if the dealer is offering a 3 month guaranteed salary.

On top of that, it may start out as a summer job or a short term solution, but it can quickly turn into a career. Many people have been in the car business 5, 8, 12 years or more that had no intention of being in the business that long.

I guess the fact that you can make as much money as a doctor without the schooling and outrageous insurance costs has some staying power for many.

Hours a car salesman works will vary quite a bit from dealer to dealer, but you can expect a 9-10 hour day to be the norm and many dealers will alternate a 6 day week with a 5 day week.

In other words WEEK 1 you'll work Mon-Fri and WEEK 2 you'll work M-Sat. Many times days off are during the week and everyone works weekends. Depends on the dealership.

Going back to the hours, you may find yourself working another 1-2 hours a day then what I mentioned above, but again that will depend on the dealership.

It seems that many dealerships are becoming a bit more friendly with the working schedule and I'd guesstimate that most places will have a 45-60 hour work week on average.

That's a lot easier than the 84 hour weeks I used to have. If you're making money the hours tend to not be so brutal!

P.S. One last note about the car salesman interview tips...Sell yourself in the interview and ask for the job. This will really impress them.

You are applying for a job where you will be required to close car deals and if you want to impress them, then close them!

Hope this helps get you the job and if you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to ask.


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