How Much Can I Make Selling Cars in the First Month?

by John A.
(Jersey City, NJ)

Question: How much can I expect to make selling cars in my first month?

I recently started to work for Hudson Kia and it's my second week in. I've got one sale so far but it's kinda depressing when you see everyone with sales appointments and you're hustling for the customers.

My question is when you first started, how much did you make in the first month and what could I expect?

I'm really giving it my all and I've read this article a few times so I really do appreciate your help.

Answer: Hi John,

Hang in there. Selling cars is not for everyone and in fact, it wasn't for me right out the gate. I found that the first dealership I worked for did things in a way that wasn't comfortable for me and things just weren't clicking.

It wasn't until I found my way out of there and in to a smaller used car dealership that things started to click. Slower pace and less competition made it much easier to learn how to sell cars.

I believe in my first month selling I only made about $1700. Within about 3-4 months at the used car lot that $1700 turned into about $3500 (this was over 10 years ago) a month and the last time I sold cars I was making about $4500 every two weeks.

I don't sell cars anymore, but am in Finance now. It's funny to think that I've almost quit this business on multiple occasions, but I'm glad I hung in there, because it's helped me earn a pretty good living.

If you enjoy your job, but are simply frustrated keep your head up and strive to always get better. It can be a little overwhelming, frustrating and a blow to your ego, but it will payoff in the long run.

Another point if you still feel you are struggling is to consider the dealership you are selling cars for. Maybe it's just not the right place for you right now. Their system, their support (or lack thereof), the competition amongst salesmen, etc.

And lastly learn a system that fits your style...Grant Cardone sales training was a life saver for me.

Very laid back way to take control of the sale and close the deal.

As for how much you can expect to make selling cars your first month, I'm not real sure only because I don't know you and your situation there at the dealership.

I can tell you though that salesmen that wait for business make less than those that create business.

Ask for a service call list and/or prospect in your local area. Get your business cards in as many peoples hands as you can and give them an incentive to call you ($100, something free, etc.).

Hope this helps,

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