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First 4 months as a salesmen
by: KIA

Started at my dealership 5 years ago as a valet earning $12 an hour (something like $25k a year)

1st month as a salesmen with the same company I made $14k


3rd- 11k (vacation for 12 days)

4th- 8k

This business is awesome, fun, and has a new challenge every day. Even if you don't want to be in sales you'll gain more experience and real life skills than 4 years of college could possibly give you

Stay the Course!

I'm writing this in 2012, so I realize this comment will no longer apply directly to you. I thought, however, offer my two cents to any who might come across your question.

My husband has been selling cars for almost ten years. This year he is on pace to make about 96K. Last year, he only made about 82K, so income does vary depending on the economy. He works in a mid-size dealership selling mid-income cars (as opposed to luxury or pre-owned.)

At his dealership, new sales associates are in training for the first six weeks, during which time they do not sell cars. They attend classes and follow a mentor as he or she works with customers.

During this time, they are payed $400 a week. At the end of six weeks, some are hired but not all.
At that point, their pay is reduced to $200 a week and their success depends on their sales ability. Sink or swim. Again, some make it but others do not.

Car sales, like a lot of businesses is one that rewards success -- which I imagine may seem unfair to new sales people. My husbands weekly salary is $500 a week, because he has been at the dealership more than 8 years. He holds gross on most of the car he sells -- another bonus. He mentors beginners -- another bonus. He sells a specific car -- another bonus. He makes an industry sales goal -- another bonus. His demonstrator allowance -- another bonus. It all adds up.

Having said that, I don't want discourage a newbie by any means! For one thing, one newbie at my husbands dealership is on track to make 70K this year. He's not someone you'd pick out as a superstar. He's just a hard worker who takes a lot of ups and gets the job done.

For another thing, my husband started selling cars at age 40 with no prior sales experience, after a layoff left him hoping for more control over his income and job security.

I know the hours aren't for everyone, but honestly, they work great for us. He has Sunday off, as well as one day during the week, and one morning off. Some sales people do work on their days off, but he takes his days off as well as vacation time.

So if you are starting out in car sales, I wish you the best. Find a dealership that is a good fit for you, work hard and your career should be off and running!

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by: Anonymous

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How Much Can I Make Selling Cars in the First Month? NEW
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