Can I get a job at a Honda Dealership?

by Stephen
(Columbia, SC)

Question: Good day, my name is Stephen and I've been interested in getting a job as a car salesman in order to help me gain money before going off to college for business.

I was wondering, what are the chances of me getting hired at a Honda Dealership with just a high school education? What's the chances of me getting hired period?

I realize that the economy will have a high affect on that answer, but if you had to put a guess on my chances, what would it be?

Answer: Hi Stephen,

The simple answer to your question is yes, you can get a job at a Honda dealership.

A lot of this is really going to depend on the dealerships in your area. Some dealers will have revolving doors, salesman coming and going all the time, while others will have a steady group of salesman and you'll have to wait for someone to essentially die before you can get a spot.

Usually, you'll want to work for one like the latter (especially if you're making it a career). Since this is a short term job for you, it shouldn't matter too much. Just know the car business is not an easy one. Usually long hours and lots of pressure.

Honda dealers may also mainly look to hire only people with past experience, but if someone with the right, out going personality comes along for an interview, then they may make an exception.

Try to be confident and out going in your interview and definitely don't mention that it's a short term gig.

Let them know that you are looking for a career that could lead to advancement down the road (you never know, the car business could become your career) and you enjoy people and are excellent with customer service.

It would just be like any other interview, but you'll want to sell yourself even more.

If Honda doesn't work out, consider another make or find a used car lot that specializes in import cars. Ford is selling really good right now.

Good luck to you and don't hesitate to ask further questions...


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