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If you want to learn how to sell more cars, then you'll want to first start by following a daily routine. It's no good if your day starts hectic and out of control.

Most professional car salesman (the ones that make good money) follow some sort of routine whether it's in writing or just ingrained in their brains.

So without further ado, let's get to it and start selling more cars today...

How to
Sell More Cars

Here are 8 Great Ways to Start Your Sales Day and if you follow them on a regular daily basis they will surely lead you to more sales, which, of course, means more money.

1. Leave Your Problems at the Door
You've probably heard this in one shape or another before, but it's true. It is hard to focus on how to sell more cars when you're mind is in the gutter. You cannot expect to show up at the dealership and put on your best sales performance if you're still thinking about that fight you had with your wife/husband or any other number of things.

You're a professional and now at the dealership, so it's time to put that behind you and focus on selling some of that $3,000,000 worth of inventory in front of you.

There is a common saying in the car business and I always like to use it in the mornings to really get me focused and ready to sell.

Today's the day, I'm the guy and
this is the place...Let's sell some cars!

2. 10, 10 and 10
Spend 10 minutes each morning reviewing product knowledge material, spend 10 minutes reviewing sales training material and take 10 minutes to review your goals.

To learn how to sell more cars, it is oftentimes as easy as knowing your product as well as what your competition has to offer. Knowing both will make you appear professional and knowledgeable to your customers. In addition, this knowledge can help to you overcome objections.

In addition, you can learn how to sell more cars by getting back to the basics. If you are having problems setting appointments over the phone, then spend 10 minutes (more if possible) each day working on it. Losing people at hello? Work on your meet and greet. Can't close a door? Work on your closing techniques. Practice, Drill and Rehearse.

If you don't have goals clearly defined for each day, week or month, then what are you aiming for? Written out goals create a sense of obligation to those goals and a short review each morning will keep you focused on achieving them.

3. Walk the Lot
At many dealerships inventory changes daily and the best of the best know what's in stock. Be sure to check the back lot for fresh trades.

When a customer tells you they are looking for this, with that and one of those and you walk them (eventually they walk you) all over the lot looking for it, you will lose business.

It looks much better if they tell you what they're looking for and your first response is "I've got the perfect car for you. Follow me."

4. Review and Confirm
Review whatever appointments you have for the day and confirm the appointments with phone calls to your customers. This will not only increase your show rate, but will let you know of cancellations early in the day, which you can fill with a new appointment or take fresh ups.

5. Review Your Missed Deals
Have you missed some deals in the past week, or maybe even just yesterday? Why not call them up and see what's changed? Maybe you discovered a car, during your lot walk, that would be a perfect fit, or your manager is desperate to make a deal and will now accept the customers offer.

6. Service Walk
Many of the customers purchased their vehicles from the dealership and would probably buy their next vehicle from the dealership again. Start some small talk with customers waiting on their vehicles and see where it takes you.

Maybe they have a lease that's about up, a $2500 repair bill or just want something newer. The service department can be a real gold mine and you shouldn't wait for the customer to go find a car salesman when you can go to them.

Something as simple as "have you seen the all new XYZ model? The manufacturer is offering payments as low as $200! Follow me and I'll show you all the upgrades," can oftentimes turn someone from bored in the waiting room to driving and buying.

7. Review Sold Customers and Orphan Owners
If you want to know how to sell more cars, then you've got to stay in touch with past customers. If you don't have a list of your past customers and are not staying in touch with them on a fairly regularly basis (every 90-120 days), then you are missing out on an untold amount of car deals.

Contact them by phone to say hi and see how things are going, send them birthday cards, their kids birthday cards, car buying anniversary cards, etc. Just keep your name in front of them and let them know you are always there to help them or their family and friends.

From a customers point of they'd much rather do business with someone they've worked with in the past and had a good experience with, but if it has been 2 years since they've last talked to you, trust me, they will forget you.

There is nothing more frustrating than watching another car salesman selling a car to your past customers.

In addition, stay in touch with orphan owners. These are customers that bought a car from a salesman no longer at the dealership. Ask your sales manager for a list of so and so's (ex-salesmans name) past customers and contact them to introduce yourself and let them know you are the one to contact with any questions or future purchases.

8. Avoid the Rut
Avoid hanging out with lazy, negative or unfocused sales people or else you will eventually be dragged down to their level.

It's great if your team just made the playoffs, but it won't make you any money sitting around the water cooler talking about how they could go all the way this year.

Every minute of everyday selling cars must be your goal. Always be thinking of new ways to get in front of more customers and focus all that you do around selling a car now, or sometime in the near future.

There you have it, my take on how to sell more cars. This list could have been even longer, but I wanted to focus on some of the more effective yet simple things I've seen successful, professional car salesman do to consistently sell more cars. So, let's take what you've learned, apply it today, go and start selling cars like never before.

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