Building Rapport as a Car Salesman

by Lasha R
(Rayville LA)

Question: What are some questions used to build rapport?

Answer: Hi Lasha. Rapport building as a car salesman will vary from customer to customer and you're really looking to ask questions to make a friend and then take the conversation from there. Be careful to not get too personal however!

Questions that get the customer talking about something they like or something they like to do, kids, grand kids, etc. People love to talk about themselves and the things going on in their lives.

If the conversation starts to take a negative tone... I've been in the hospital for 6 months, someone just passed away, etc. try to get the conversation back on a more positive tone.

Here are some quick examples:

"You mentioned you have kids, do they play any sports?"

"So when you're not buying cars what do you like to do for fun?"

"What line of work are you in? An accountant...Wow! What an exciting line of work! How do you keep track of all those numbers...?"

Last one there was a bit of a joke, but I hope you catch my drift. Again, if someone crunches numbers for a living, but hates it...Change subjects. Find something that gets them excited.

That excited emotion will give them a subconscious good feeling about you and what they are doing...Shopping for a car.

Some people don't get excited about anything and hate car salesmen no matter how friendly you are. For those people just try to be professional and to the point. They will appreciate that more than they will small talk.

Don't talk politics or religion!!! Those are landmines waiting to explode. Even if you agree with someone, you'll eventually find a point you disagree on and it's best to just avoid it all together.

Don't talk about the economy either! That will just lead to a political conversation.

Stay professional, keep the conversation light, be a very good listener and have fun selling them a car!

Hope this helps,

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