Tips on How to Get More Customers Than
the Other as a Car Salesmen

A Car Sales Question from Corey in FL who wants to know how to get more customers...

Question: How as a car salesman do I get in front of more people during the day? I seem to get fewer than everyone.


Hi Corey,

The number one method I can recommend to get more customers is to start setting appointments. I know that's maybe not the exact answer you were looking for, but in reality it's the best advice.

With appointments, not only will you not have to worry about another car salesman getting in front of your customers, because you'll have them logged and it's clear they are your customers, but your closing ratio will go way up. The last stats I reviewed showed appointments turning to sales at somewhere in the 60-65% range, while lot traffic converts to a sale only 20-25% of the time.

Outside of setting appointments, I'd recommend always being on point when you are not making phone calls to set appointments. Try to be the first one to contact the customer.

By that I mean when they are pulling into a parking spot, make eye contact, give them a big warm, welcoming smile and a simple wave...Don't stop waving until they've acknowledged your wave (keep the wave very simple and not like a crazy person).

More than likely, once the customer gets out of the car they will gravitate towards you, since to some small degree you've already broken the ice with them. Not to mention you'll be standing near the customers car.

Another very successful way I've seen top salesman get the most ups is to actually stand at the entrance to the dealership and stop each car that comes onto the lot. Ask them if they are looking for sales or service. If service, then politely point them in the right direction. If sales, then quickly introduce yourself and let them know you'd be glad to help them.

Let them know that you'll help them find a parking spot and to simply follow you, that way they can avoid being bombarded with salesmen once they have parked. Since you've already been friendly and exchanged names, and most customers have an aversion to salespeople, they will follow and work with you.

If your dealership has an open floor, and if it's allowed, call out incoming traffic. You see a car heading towards sales parking, then yell out "comin' in!" In most dealerships I've worked for this signaled this customer as your up. Other ways I've seen it done is to yell out the color and make of the vehicle. Ask your sales manager what is respected by other salesmen and considered acceptable at your dealership.

Also, be sure to work the service drive. Lots of customers have big bills that they can't, or would rather not, pay. Why not offer to pay their bill (of course, factored into the ACV of the trade) for them and help them into a newer vehicle with small monthly payments. The service drive is a gold mine!

Lastly, I'll cover the beginning again at the end. To be truly successful you must focus on setting appointments. Whether it be referrals from your customers, dealership service customers, orphan owners, etc...Set Appointments! It will make you more money with much less effort.

I hope these tips help you to get more customers and larger paychecks...


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