AutoMax Car Salesman Training, How Legit is AutoMax?

by Rolan V.
(White Plains, N.Y. USA)

Question: Hello, I've recently been looking into getting in the car sales business, so looking through Craigslist I find a posting from a nearby dealership and they where looking to hire salesman with no experience necessary, and they would pay me while I train (training through AutoMax).

So, I show up for the interview, then the guy tells me I have potential and invites me to training the following day, I currently have a job, but I agree and take another day off from work as I don't want to miss out on this opportunity.

So, Wednesday rolls around and I show up for the training at the dealership. And there I see about 20 people sitting. Now I'm wondering what's going on, so we go through the day and then he mentions that Thursday and Friday there is also training, at the end of the training on Wednesday he says that we have to pay HIM $489 dollars for training on how to be a car salesman, and that out of the 20 people there only 2 would get hired.

Now my question to you, does every dealership do this shady business and want to make you pay for training, or are these AutoMax people trying to scam people? Thanks in advance.

Answer: Very interesting to say the least. I've never heard of a dealership asking people to pay to get trained prior to them hiring someone.

I know that salesman, after being hired, can pay
for sales training above and beyond what the dealership might have offered, but prior to giving you a job...That's very unusual.

What this tells me is that AutoMax must have a bit of a revolving door when it comes to salesmen and that the training began to get to pricey for them to continue to offer it for free.

Personally I wouldn't pay for it upfront. You haven't even had a chance to experience the car business first hand and you may find you don't even like it. If that is the case, you'd also be out $500.

I'd say keep looking. There are plenty of other dealerships out there that will hire a "rookie" and provide training free of charge.

In addition, I would not want to work for a company that deceived me right out the gate like this. If they'll lie to you about the training and conveniently leave out the fact that you'll have to pay for it, what will they lie to you about in the future?

Keep your current job, keep checking Craigslist for car sales jobs and eventually you'll find one that will be a better fit for you.

I've been lied to, more than once, by employers in this business (and the lies just keep coming from these types of people), so you'll want to be sure you feel comfortable with the dealership before you hire on.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you've got any further questions.

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