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I was there
by: Ghandy

Hey, I was at that same salesman training this week, it was at Beck's Chevrolet Saab in yonkers NY, they brought in this people from a company called Automax to train the possible candidates to get hired, at the end of the day he says that we all need to pay him for the training.

Now no person in their right mind is going to pay to get a job, I got up and left, what a farce. I got home and started researching, I Googled up, I typed in the search bar "Automax Scam" and to my surprise found a vast amount of links of people that have gotten scammed by this crooks, apparently the ones that do make it and get hired get fired within a week from the hosting dealership with no reason given.

I lost a valuable day where I could of been job searching, I would never buy a vehicle from beck Chevy, Saab or any company that trains through Automax, wow what a let down.

My Bad Rolan, I thought AutoMax was the dealership
by: Justin

Sorry Rolan, I thought when you were referring to AutoMax that they were the dealership.

Everything I said in the original response still applies and I wouldn't pay if I were you. Like I said maybe down the road I'd pay for more training, in fact I have, but not in order to get a job.

Thanks Ghandy for your input or I would have kept on thinking AutoMax was the dealer. I'm in AZ so I have no idea what dealers are in New York.

Automax SCAM
by: Almost Ripped Off

I can confirm Ghandy's statement about BECK CHEVROLET SAAB and the worthless paid training the dealer organized on it's premises using AUTOMAX. I was there too, and also completely wasted a couple of days time.

Basically, the guy from Automax tried to make it seem like you had a job (would say congratulations and shake your hand), but then said you have to pay 500 dollars for three days training and there is no guarantee you get a job. They only tell you that there is a fee after a whole day of training. Most people leave after that.

But I feel really bad for the guys who stayed till the end and paid up - because it's a small dealer and there were already like three experienced sales people on the floor. I am pretty sure the ones who stayed on will not get their money back and that the dealer gets a good share of the hefty tuition fee collected from unsuspecting 'sales training' students (i.e. unemployed people with no income)

Tell everyone you know to stay away from BECK CHEVROLET SAAB and AUTOMAX

glad to hear
by: Rolan V.

I'm glad you guys didn't stay for that rip off, this automax folks are trying to take people's money even if that might be the last bit of money they have left, anyway I already have an interview set up at a dealer, the operations manager will be interviewing me so I'm happy about that.

by: Anonymous

I reported auto max auto traning to the attorney general in my state several years ago. I am shocked that they are still able to do business anywhere. They are not legit, they are scam artists. Report them to the attorney general and the BBB in your state, they should be stopped.

Annapolis Volvo & Gregg Morris Auto Max Scam
by: S


Gregg Morris and his Auto Max scam are at it again. Luring gullible, desperate job seeking indiviuals into beleiving they can become an overnight success in the auo sales industry. Today 7/15/11 is day 2 of his infamous "seminar". Most of his class of 8 have probably not returned today after realizing they were being taken for a ride. Annapolis Volvo knowingly allowed this to go on. I would beware of ever shopping in this dealership for a car!

It's True
by: Joel

I remember that happened to me at a Dodge dealership a few years ago (the guilty party will remain nameless). They say that it's competitive and only 2 out of 20 will finish, blah blah...

The truth is they can only usually sucker 2 out of 20 to pay the money and those are the ones hired. Has nothing to do with talent or them being "selective." Rest assured the dealership gets a cut.

Ehrlich Kia Gregg Morris Auto Solutions Scam
by: scammed by Gregg Morris / Auto Solutions

Tricked by craigslist ad... said there would be paid training to join Ehrlich Kia. Gregg Morris interviews you, says your perfect for the job and to show up for training. At the end of the first day he tells you that it will cost YOU $500 to train but not to worry because the dealership will reimburse you after 90 days. He wants you to sign a contract to pay him with NO gaurantee of job placement whatsoever. He spoke all day how he trained people at other dealers on the other side of town and how these new people he trained were doing so great. I actually went to the dealership he spoke of and talked to the sales manager... who said he never heard of Gregg Morris and they do all there own training. The new people he talked about happened to be working at that time & they said they never heard of him either & he did not train them. Wachout for Gregg Morris, Auto Solutions and Ehrlich Kia.... and save $500. I think he should be locked up for this.

Green Cheverolet in Peoria
by: Anonymous

I did the class I don't know if they hired any of us but when I called to get help they didn't even try. Even tried to get money back like one kid in the class did but they told me that I couldn't since I got a job in sales on my own.

There now in Pennsylvania
by: Saved by these posts!

The interviewer said there would be a nominal fee for course materials but that he didn't know what it was because it varies from dealer to dealer. After the congratulated me and shook my hand for me to start attending class to morrow and possibly start working as soon as Monday, I asked him for his card. I must have left them in thehotelhe said and I walked out. After reading these comments and the Automax webpage, I called the person who arranged the interview last night and told him not to expect me in class. Surprisingly, everyone works off of first names only, although the whole family of dealerships with the same last name are now off of my list permanently for job searches as well as car purchases.


This guy is as slick as they get... save your money! Dont pay him $500 for basic sales info you can get from any $10 sales book. You have been warned!

I paid for training!
by: Anonymous

I started in the car business in 1993 and believe it or not, I paid upfront for a class to learn how to sell cars and then was hired by the dealership. It wasn't Automax though... they weren't around back then. So is paying for an education legit? Absolutely. Is the Automax class the same type of class I went through back in 93? I honestly don't know. But if I paid in 93 to get in this business, and they are still charging for classes today, then I seriously doubt it's all a scam. It worked out fine for me! (Again, I have no idea about Automax though -- my dealerships have never used them). If you want to get in this business and you're serious about it, plan on taking an automotive sales class. Maybe not through Automax, but you should definitely get some education. There are some really good sales schools in this industry. The money you spend on the class will probably be made back with your first sale or two, and you'll know a hell of a lot more than the next guy who was just hired off the street and sent on the sales floor to sink or swim.

Just called Gregg Morris a scammer
by: Anonymous

Hello all,

Just a warning, Gregg Morris is still at it. The company name has been changed from AutoMax to Auto Solutions Recruiting and Training. He's still playing the same game: "interviewing" you at a dealership, inviting you to a class where the first four hours are spent listening to generic motivational speaking (imagine your goals, positive thinking, sell yourself, blah blah blah). At lunch we were presented with another pyramid scheme (Protandim, a miracle supplement that cures cancer, menstrual discomfort, and everything BUT stupidity) and then told about the $500 commitment fee. I already had red scammer flags blazing when he decided to spend the lunch break telling us about a miracle pill that he had a "moral obligation" to share (looked it up, also a scam), but then he begins with this speech about how $500 will ensure my commitment to a career that he had been promising will pay at least $3000 a month. No logic in that, so I did a little searching on my iPhone in class, and all of these wonderful little forums about Gregg Morris and his scams came up. I immediately announced my findings to the class. Gregg responded by saying, "oh, that one guy in colorado was upset, and uh...(insert bull here)." I responded by saying that complaints had come in from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and other states, and listed websites for the "class" to look up. I left immediately after that, but I still wasted over 5 hours of my day. What a jerk!

these are some of the warning signs
by: Anonymous

here are some of the warning sign. the is automax
1) if u are NOT getting an interview by GM or general sales manager of the dealership (sometimes both).
2) on the ad IE watch out AM2012 some where on the ad. and interviews are only available only 2 days monday and tuesday with walk ins applicants are welcome from 9:30am-6pm.

I almost did it
by: elo st louis

Well Automax is in St Louis now at Royal Gate Dodge in west St. Louis county. Well had interview was invited to start training on Wensday for three days.But at end started mentioned a small comitment fee Didnt think to much about it on cloud 9 jus got a job so I thought but on the way home started thinking about so started looking in to Automax bam SCAM pops up.Well wont be starting my training on Wensday and I have notified my local news about this and the dealer thats takes part in this activety

almost lost 500 bucks@ toyota world of newton NJ
by: Cattle call @ Toyota in Newton NJ

May, 2013
Have been scouring the internet for a real job,
saw the ad for Toyota and Subaru of Newton NJ Interviews on Monday on Thursday Friday. Standard pie in the sky ad, you can make $150,000 in your first year. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. (but it must be legit it's
Toyota and Subaru) I go to training on Thursday and it was very informative. The $500 payment for training was explained away by confusing commission/bonus charts. I ask how may people did you screen for this job (75) and how many people in this room will be hired...again a vague answer.
I look around the room and I only see one person
I would hire...So the rest of us are out $500 bucks! Dealer pays nothing "trainer" gets $4,000
for 10 hours. Would you trust a new car dealer that deceives and robs people of their time and money???????

Automax Ripoff
by: Anonymous

In April of 2005; in Overland Park Kansas; McCarthy Dodge; on Metcalf; they had these classes; all BS; and the 3rd day they lower the boom on you; pay us 500 bucks for these classes; and you will get a certificate; you can wipe your ass with; and no job........i walked out; and feel sorry for the poor people who needed jobs and paid these bums. I dont know how they can legally do this; just steal from people.

Auto Solutions is the new name or these scammers.
by: also scammed by Gregg Morris

Gregg Morris is now with Auto Solutions. I just came across a local ad at a nearby dealership (Valley Nissan-Subaru) 7/4/14 and it looks like they are at it again. I will be filing a complaint to state Attorney General in Colorado about Gregg Morris and Auto Solutions. They run ads that look like they are job postings but try to charge you $500 (non-refundable) to take a class that is the same info you can get in a book for $12 (try: You Can and Should Sell Cars... its a great book and you'll save $488!) Gregg Morris is a crook and should be in jail instead of preying on those that don't know better. If you want a job selling cars then read a book like the one I recommended and when you finish it put together a resume and go to a dealership and ask to speak to the sales manager... you will save yourself the $500 and most likely get the job if they are hiring. Auto Solutions should be put out of business and these people deserve to be locked up!

Con artist Gregg Morris from Auto Solutions
by: Auto Solitions ripp off Gregg Morris

Watch out for Gregg Morris and his Auto Solutions con game. Any legitimate dealership will hire people right off the street with little to no experience as long as they look presentable and have a good attitude (they will most likely want a clean criminal background of 10 years and good driving record with no DUI's and no more than 2 minor traffic violations over the past 2 or 3 years as well).
ANY dealership that has Gregg Morris / Auto Solutions doing their hiring for them is not worth working for... You should turn around AND run. Gregg Morris seemed to me like nothing more than a con artist trying to get you to sign a contract (don't worry about the money you can pay me when you get it he said) obligating you to pay him $500 with no job guarantee to sit through a class that isn't worth 5 dollars. The worst part is he runs misleading craigslist ads that look like job postings. After I took a day of my job to show up for his "training" he basically made all of us sit there the whole day stating that he was going to "test" our commitment at the end of the day. His "test" was to spring a trap on you to sign a contract for $500 to come back the next day to take his "class"! What a complete waste of time and energy. The sad part was almost everyone in the class were desperate for jobs including single mothers and most of the class were unemployed for some time with no income. Gregg Morris is a snake oil salesman and slick talker that goes on and on how moral and ethical he is, talks about his kid and his girlfriend back in SC and then hits on the females in the class like some kind of predator... my friend got several texts from him offering a his class for free and wanted nothing more to get in her pants like the disgusting turd he is. Gregg Morris, Auto Solutions, and any dealership they represent are BAD NEWS... RUN WHILE YOU CAN!!!!!
P.S. Later the next week I walked into a different dealership with a brief resume and asked to speak with the sales manager who hired me on the spot. I love my new job and didn't need an ounce of help from Gregg Morris!

AutoMax Recruiting & Training of Kentucky
by: Joseph Chang

I was received at email from a woman named Jane about a sales position of Champion Ford Lincoln at Owensboro, KY via at 10/17/2014. Jane invited me to attend the interview at Champion Ford Lincoln of Owensboro, KY on Monday, 10/20/2014. I attended the interview and been asked to join the orientation and training class from Wed to FRI. After first day training class, I find out the class in not set by Champion Ford at all, instead is by AutoMax recruiting & training of Kentucky. And the trainer asked fee for $100.00 per person at the end of first day training. I noticed there is nothing mentioned about the policy/structure of /Champion Ford and no proof of hiring. I reject to pay the fee and get out of this fake recruiting process of AutoMax.

by: Anonymous

Let's see... the ones on here are the ones complaining about paying for training and are still unemployed. You all seem to think that selling and leasing cars is easy and requires no training. Good luck with that. Even if a dealership hires you, I give you about 3 weeks without training. Get used to being in the draw.

The ones that paid for the training at the dealerships you went to are currently sitting in their new offices selling cars. How can any of you call it a scam if so many dealerships all across the country use the same program to train new hires? The one guy said he paid for a similar class in 1993 and is still in the business!!! I guess that was a scam too?

It's clear you are the uneducated and proud of it. It's like you all want to sell homes but think the real estate licensing system is joke and since you can't afford the training, you just complain online to anyone that will listen. Give me a break. Stop complaining and stop trying to fight the system that has been around for decades. Pay for the education and start making money selling cars or apply for a job in a different industry.

Re: Really?
by: Justin
(Editor in Chief)

I'd agree that people should be willing to invest in their education, as I have for myself, but I do have to say that most the complaints aren't about paying for training, it is that they felt they were tricked into even showing up.

I can't stand it when I think I'm going to some sort of informational/educational event and then it turns into a mildly informative, try to whet your appetite type of setup to sell me something (wastes my time and is deceptive). All in how it is billed I suppose...

I'd agree again, but in a lighter tone than you, that most people without some sort of training will not make it in this business, but on the flip side most people with training don't make it either...


AutoMax seems legit NEW
by: Anonymous

After reading some of these comments, it was like deja vu. I went through the course, but didn't have to pay the money because I was hired. The training seemed perfect for someone who has never been in sales before. The dealership that hired me paid for my certification after I finished the course. I made some good money there. It works.

I guess I missed the scam...? NEW
by: Chris

Maybe things have changed I'm not sure. I was told by the automax rep that you would only pay the fee if you were hired by the dealership. The dealership would refund you the cost after 90 days. He did state that if I wasn't hired you could pay the fee and be enrolled into their guaranteed job placement service. Now being a veteran of the sales industry I highly doubt any reputable dealer would put their name at risk with a scam artist company.

After I was hired I asked the dealership staff about it. They 100% backed up what the AUTOMAX rep said.

This was my experience, I think a lot of people might have mentally shut down after the mention of having to pay money. Kids if your not prepared to invest in your own future don't expect anyone else.

If it really is the case that you were required to pay up front I understand the hesitation. It's just not the way it happened for me

This review explains how I was offered a job at this dealership. I also believe it reflects the poor management that I experienced. NEW
by: Dustin Dyer

This review explains how I was offered a job at this dealership. I also believe it reflects the poor management that I experienced.

I have been job hunting for awhile now and saw an online job posting for Stephens Honda Hyundai in Bloomington, IN. I couldn't have been more excited. I applied for the job and quickly received an email requesting to setup an interview with them. I responded to their email by expressing my interest and arrived at the interview. I was given the name of Heather Allred which you can see on Yelp and Facebook she has left a review for this company including 5 stars.

Upon arriving at the interview, I asked to meet with Heather Allred. The receptionist I first spoke with said,"We don't have anyone here by that name." I found this to be very strange. She made a phone call and said she apologized but Heather was waiting for me in the lobby. Once meeting with Heather, she never stated who she works with but had told me she was hired by Stephens to do the hiring and training for the lot and that they were currently hiring a large group. She had continued to speak about the large group throughout the whole interview as if I would be concerned. As quick as the interview started was as quick as Heather had offered me the job. I was told to start on Wednesday at 9:15 AM and Thursday at the same time. I went home to discuss everything with my family. The interview didn't sit well with me. The reason being: I was upfront about my background in which I stated that I have a past conviction on my record and I am a current felon. After stating this at the very beginning, she immediately overlooked it and never asked any questions. She even stated that it was expunged which is has yet to be.

I decided to visit Stephens Honda Hyundai's Facebook page. I had noticed that 7 hours prior from the time I visited the page, Heather had posted the same post that is now on Yelp. I discovered through Facebook that she works for Automax Sales Training. I researched on Google to learn more about Automax. As soon as I entered "Automax" in the search bar, all kinds of tags came up with the word "scam." At this point, I became more concerned and somewhat heart broken. At the end of this review, I will post a few links I found on Automax.

The following day, I called Stephens Honda Hyundai and requested to speak with the Sales Manager. I explained my concern about Automax. I had asked if the information I learned about online was true. The response was "What is your name and phone number? And I can't talk to you about this. I will have Automax call you back." His response was very unsettling for me. With my background in business, I know that the ability to answer a customer's question and help them resolve an issue is essential in customer service. About an hour after my phone call with him, Heather texted me back and forth several times within the next few hours. This was our conversation:

Dustin, this is Heather. Mr Derek just gave me your message. I'll call you in a few minutes and layout exactly what you need to know.

Okay thanks Heather.

You bet. Just shows me you are throrough, detailed oriented, and research savvy. Like car buyers LOL

Its my curse!

No sir! It's good. I have one more interview then a break and I'll call

We got swamped earlier ! Is it too late for me to call?
Hope everyone made it home safely and had good mystery shop!

Sleep well tonight and remember to dress to impress, sleep well, eat well, etc!!

I did not respond to her last 2 text messages since she had put me off all day. Also the last message was very strange since I did not show up for orientation at the lot.

Below are the links for Automax:…


There are many of these reviews! If you have been a part of this scam, please email me at I, as well as many others, believe this to be a scam and hope to put a stop to this.

Dustin Dyer

Training Ripoff (Culver City Volvo) NEW
by: Anonymous

I just finished my first day of training wed. when Tom Ross ,(who runs the training) told a group of about 15 that 489 was due on Thursday for the training and another 300 later. People are out of work looking for a job and you have to pay for training first? I'm glad I found this website! What a disappointment!!

iv trained with Greg M. NEW
by: Lorenzo

I went through training with Mr. Morris after high school. Iwas iinformed that id hqve to pay him, be trained, etc. Agter my week completion of the training I was given a opportunity in new car sales with the dealership we trained at. That was 5 years ago. Currently im an internet manager for a dealership in MD. The training broke me into the automotive field. The dealership that hired me after training ended up paying for my class. Dk where he is now, but I thank him because at 22 iv seen more money then most.

Santa Barbara Honda California NEW
by: Miguel

The more and more complaints I read the more it pisses me off. I had been job hunting for a while and scored a job at an T Mobile store and had gotten into there actual 2 week training course, so a day later after already going to one of the training days at T Mobile I got an interview with this guy called Steve Rzepiela I went and did his silly interview and at the end I was told he thought I was cut for the job and that he was having a three day training class. So silly me I called T Mobile and thanked them for there opportunity at there company but that I was taking another job opportunity.
I arrived for the first day of training at the dealership and noticed there was four other people, then we where told to a pretty damn nice hotel where our classes would be. We greeted each other and we all got along fairly well with each other. Over the next few days we where given the idea that we already had the job. I was stoked I told everyone I knew even made a damn facebook post about it. After the training we where told we had an interview with the the dealership manager. I showed up was told that he was going to check if there insurance would accept me into the policy and after having the background check I would get a call(he didn't seem interested in me what so ever he was on his phone and talking to his other employees throughout the whole "interview").....I never got a call.
The only thing that was different from these other stories was that we didn't have to pay anything(well besides the three days we lost)
We were told that we would have to pay 50 for a fingerprint scan and another 50 for the sales license. Luckly I waited to make sure I had the job before doing any of that stuff. Which I didnt get.
Steve honestly was a cool guy and what I thought a respectable man, we had some good laughs and I did learn quite a bit of stuff from his phony class. He even told one of the gentlemen in our class how to pass a drug test LOL. My opinion has since changed after reading all these review. I'm just mad about having obtained a job already and then thrown the opportunity away for believing I had this 100K earning job opportunity. And just lied to in general!!! FUCK YOU AUTOMAX.

Trained NEW
by: Anonymous

I trained last week by a fellow called "Uncle Mike" from automax. I paid $199 for 2 days of training. If the dealership we trained at did not hire me, he had 4 others that would take me. I have been out of work for a while and looking in my field without any luck. After 90 days the dealership would give me back my money and if I did not make it through the course, I did not have to pay. I am well over the age of 50, so this seems like a good idea to stay in sales and make some money and change careers. I start next week and have no clue how I will do, BUT I do have a certificate that says I was trained by Automax and can take that with me to other dealerships. We shall see if it is a scam or not. I do agree that $500 is excessive.

So many red flags NEW
by: Anonymous

First of all, at the initial interview the guy interviewing said he was hired by the dealership to conduct a two day class on sales (which I do not need) and would be making selections for his recommendations for hire from his class. He works for Automax. Ultimately, the general manager of the dealership would still make the hiring decision, but would likely select from his recommended candidates who took his class and passed.

The class would cost money too, but he would NOT give me the amount, claiming the dealership management had not settled on that amount but would tell me the following day. He said this was to weed out those not serious about getting hired.

Any red flags so far? A trainer doesn't know how much he is getting paid and thus cannot tell me how much he would have to charge me for this training, which I don't particularly need? His selected recommended candidates are not guaranteed to be hired even after spending the money and passing?

Well, I went to the first day of training. Not until 4 hours in did this guy finally give us the price. $250. He kept selling the class at various points, trying to justify the fee that he kept putting off telling us. Now it is a refundable fee if we left the job within 60 days and if we did indeed get hired after 30 days. So one would get their money back regardless... eventually. He also guaranteed placement with another dealership if this one did not hire for some reason. That isn't bad. He said he would give all this to us in writing too.

Later in the training day, I interviewed very briefly with the actual sales manager of the dealership. Turns out the dealership works with this guy all the time. How is it that he did not have the price figured out right away if he works with this dealership all the time? Does he negotiate every time he works with them? Not likely. Red flag.

Also, the REAL problem here is that I would have to start working on MONDAY. I had no option to give my current employer even a week's notice. I asked this general manager if he might be holding the class again in a couple weeks or a month and perhaps could then allow me to be hired in that rotation. He said no.

As I am not willing to burn my bridges, and want to retain my current employer as a fall back (my employer has always said I can go down to part time or leave and come back if I needed to), I REALLY did not want to proceed with this high-pressure hiring process at this point.

At the end of the training day, not long after he disclosed the fee amount (and the class started to grumble), the trainer started one-on-one final interviews where he would determine who he would recommend. Turns out the dealership only needed 3 employees (out of a class of 10). Though he swore he would place us at another dealership in 30 days, I really don't want to sell cars for anyone BUT the dealership I had originally applied to. You have to believe in the product. I am not going to sell a product I know sucks. Either way, I was a shoe-in for a job at THIS dealership (from my own assessment, 80% of the people there were complete morons). I told him about the fact that the dealership required that any hire start on Monday (and would not permit people time to give notice to their current employer) and this trainer said he was unaware of that fact. So he didn't ask them what their hiring window was and he is doing the recruiting and training for them? Not likely. Red flag.

I then launched into my various objections to the whole process. Nicely, but honestly. I told him not telling us the fee up front or even in the first hour of the second day was being perceived poorly by the class (we were ALL complaining about that fact when he stepped out of the room). I told him I object to an employer that doesn't give the respect to allow for a week's notice. I told him he basically has a system where the only people that would get hired would be unemployed - and thus unlikely to have $250 to gamble with - OR people that are employed and have the money BUT would be fine with just leaving a job with no notice (an integrity/reliable issue and thus a poor candidate on loyalty grounds). Either way, the system would not likely find the optimum candidates who would be loyal to an employer AND have the money to pay the stupid refundable fee. It was intrinsically flawed to prevent the optimum candidates from passing.

He understood my predicament and again acted like he did not know that the dealership wanted people to start immediately. He actually let me leave the class without payment (though I had pretty much completed the whole course). He ALSO said I could call him... basically he said I should wait a week or two, and then speak with the general manager again as they will have likely LOST a new hire by then (showing how pointless his own selection process really is). He said that even if this dealership did not hire me, that if I was STILL unemployed a few weeks from now, to call him and he would get me hired somewhere for sure.

Not sure if I believe him at this point, but at least we parted ways positively and I supposedly got his blessing and backing as a reference.

Well, I guess the question I have is simple. Would YOU have left at any point in this crazy situation? I felt I did the correct thing here, though I REALLY need a better paying gig. Something just did not smell right. He did at least break it off smoothly and positively, but was this just to prevent negative online reviews? Hmmm.

Post Your Comment For: AutoMax Car Salesman Training, How Legit is AutoMax? NEW
by: Anonymous

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Salesman Training NEW
by: Valerie Armstrong

This is a great opportunity to start salesman career without dissertation you should avail this opportunity to start as career.

Tom Ross ABC Hyundai Las Vegas Craigslist ad NEW
by: Anonymous

So I respond to an ad I see on Craigslist that says GO GET EM Tiger!!! car sales open positions. An older man named Kirby called me and he was really trying to sell old school techniques massage in the whole deal and told me to go to ABC Hyundai Monday morning at 11 and give them a control number J 15 and they probably wouldn't know who Mr Ross was when I ask for jack at the sales counter so I knew right away that it was a scam and it was one of these schools that would charge you and you don't get a job just didn't know they did that here in Vegas too but what a scam

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