Besides Lot Traffic, Where Would I Find Customers

by Keith
(Memphis, TN)

Question: I am considering becoming a car salesman after 25 years in transportation management, some sales also. I was wondering how you could find car buying customers in addition to lot traffic and referrals?


Hi Keith,

Two great sources that I've used and many of the salesman that work at my dealership now use are bird dogs and service customers.

A bird dog is along the lines of referral customers, but they are not necessarily from customers you've sold cars to in the past. Usually you want to target people in high "face to face" type businesses. Barbers are an excellent source.

Work out a deal with a local barber that will allow you to put up an ad on the wall of their shop that list a car, or cars, for sale and put a little spiff on the ad for the buyer. 6 free haircuts with purchase, or something along those lines.

Also tell the barber that anyone referred from their shop that buys, you will pay the barber the cost of the 6 haircuts plus $100.

A barber would have to be crazy to say no to this offer and will probably willingly hand out your cards as well.

This is a great source, because people are sitting in the chair for 20 minutes staring at your ad on the wall. Everybody likes free stuff, so they will be interested in reading your ad up close once the cutting is done.

You can also work a deal like this with a local market that maybe has a bulletin board inside or out. If possible see if you can place an ad
near the register, so while people wait to get up to the cashier they can be reading your ad and learning how they can get a $100 in store credit.

Offer something unique for police (get X amount of free oil changes), fireman (get three free details), doctors (get a tune up free), etc. use your imagination and get creative.

A second way is to call service customers from the dealership and instead of trying to sell them a car, ask to buy theirs.

"Hi Mr. Jones, my name is Keith and I'm calling from ABC Motors. I was wondering if you still owned your X vehicle. We are looking for some quality local vehicles that we know have been well maintained to buy for our lot, would you be interested in selling it?"

If they are interested, then set a time for them to come down and arrange to give them a bid. While they're there ask them if they'd be interested in trading, if so than you may have a car deal.

If not, most dealerships will pay you $100 for them buying the car. If nothing happens, well than you got some practice.

This is not necessarily a high percentage tactic, but if it leads to one deal a month that earns a $1000 commission, then I'd say it was worth it.

In addition, to both of these, I'd suggest letting everyone you know and everyone that you come in contact with on a daily basis know what you do for a living and offer them a finders fee if they refer someone to you that buys.

Hope this helps,

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