How Can I Prospect for Customers as a Car Salesman

by Bill H.

Question: How can I prospect for customers as a car salesman? I had an interview with a car dealership-they asked me how I would find my new customers-need help please-thanks! Bill

Answer: Hi Bill, prospecting for new customers has actually gotten easier these days with social networking as you can reach a much larger audience with much less effort.

You may already have one, but if not you may want to take a look into setting up a FaceBook page. This is a great way to let everyone you currently know what you're doing for living and you can update your page with specials or marked down vehicles, etc.

I just recently got into FaceBook, but mine is more for promoting this website and not so much selling cars for my dealership, but that will be incorporated soon.

Some of the "old school" methods that I like are referrals and incentives. Some excellent referral sources are barbers and you can work something out with them to pay them for any customers they refer to you that buy.

Usually the dealership will cut them the check as almost all dealerships have some sort of referral payment plan. On top of paying the barber (or whoever you make this deal with) try to offer an incentive to the customer as well. Buy from me and get 6 free haircuts...

The barber will really like this idea as they are going to get paid a referral fee and then get paid for 6 haircuts. I would think a lot of barbers would let you post pictures of a car or two that might be weekly specials.

This works for more than just barbers and I just used them as an example, because it is a very good source. People are sitting in the chair staring at your ad saying they'll get 6 free haircuts and a great deal on a new car.

You'll also want to be sure to offer the incentives to the "buyer" as you want to be sure they are looking for you so they can get their free haircuts once they purchase.

On top of the strategies mentioned above, be sure to hand out your cards to anyone and everyone that will take one. Be sure to know your inventory well as any potential buyers might ask you about specific inventory that you may have in stock.

There are quite few ways to prospect for customers as a car salesman and in fact, I had written a response to another visitor with similar questions which may help you to

Hope this helps get the ball rolling for you...

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