Payments Are Too High

Car Salesman Closes for
the Most Common Objection

The most common objection to closing a car deal is usually that the quoted payments are too high. Well, here are some fun car salesman closes to handle these objections.

Take a look below and follow up any one of the responses with "I just need your signature right here. Press hard you're making 5 copies."

Here are 7 variations to handle the "The Payments Are Too High" objection:

1. I understand it's a little more than you wanted to pay, but try them out for awhile they might begin to grow on you.

2. I understand, but they won't last forever.

3. I understand. One really good thing is the bank gives you 29 days between payments to rest.

4. I understand. Car payments always seem too high. In fact, they get more expensive by the day, so lock in your lower payments today and enjoy the savings over the next 5 years.

5. I understand, but when we first spoke you mentioned that you wanted a shiny red car with leather seats and fancy wheels. This car has all that and than some.

Now, we can save you $60 a month by scratching off the paint, pulling out the seats and replacing the wheels with donuts, but I'm sure that's not what you want and you'd like to have it just the way it is.

6. I understand, but you'll only have to make these payments until it is paid for.

This last one is actually for a customers objection of "I can't afford the payments"

7.Sure you can, you just don't want to. You deserve this car and it deserves you no matter the cost.

Even though some of these car salesman closes may seem funny and maybe a little out of line, if you've built the right rapport with your customer these can be very effective.

You can also spin these however you'd like to be a little bit less direct. Have fun and close the deal.

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