Becoming a car sales man

by Andrew
(Winston Salem nc)

Question: I have worked in retail for 2 years now as a manager at an auto parts store. What would be my chances of becoming a car sales man and what are some good ideas on how to become a car sales man?

Answer: Hi Andrew...Becoming a car salesman is fairly easy, simply apply and sell yourself enthusiastically to the interviewer. Most dealerships will give someone a try with limited to no experience if they interview well.

An exception would be high end dealerships however. Typically you'll need a proven track record before getting a job as a car salesman at one of these dealerships. I.E. Mercedes, Lexus, BMW, etc...

I do need to warn you that retail sales (even auto parts) and car sales can and are two totally different types of sales. In fact, car sales is kind of in a league of its own and most sales experience doesn't translate to being a successful car salesman.

Try getting on with a dealership that offers some sort of training and follow what they say. The quicker someone can start applying what they are taught the quicker they will become successful in the car business.

Please don't hesitate to ask any additional questions...Justin

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