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Some Car Salesman Questions from Tony in Hampshire, IL
about car salesman benefits...

Hi, I am thinking about taking a job as a car salesman and a local car dealership is offering paid training. They sell BMW and Volkswagen. I am 40 yrs old and used to do hvac work for new construction.

Anyway, I need benefits for myself and my daughter, does this position usually come with any benefits? Also I am definitely a people person, but I'm not real aggressive, do I need to be?

Thanks, Tony.


Hi Tony,

Most dealerships will offer car salesman benefits, but will usually make you wait 6 months before being eligible. This may vary some nowadays as things are tough for some dealers. I would think that a BMW dealer would offer these benefits though.

As for being a people person, that is a bonus when it comes to breaking the ice and making people like you, but you'll definitely need to learn to be at least mildly aggressive in order to move the sale forward to make it selling cars.

There is a line you'll definitely need to identify between being someones friend and trying to move the sale forward. This should be something that they'll cover in the training and my advice would be to listen closely.

Most non-aggressive "people persons" that I've met in this business don't make it, because they are overly friendly and feel that they are being pushy when it's time to ask for the sale.

If you can get over that type of mentality, then you should be fine. People expect to be sold when they walk onto a dealers lot, whether they like it or not, they expect it...So don't be afraid to be a salesman when it's time to be one.

I would highly recommend Grant Cardone's selling style, as it teaches you how to move the sale forward in a very subtle, pressure free way. This would probably work very well with your personality.

I'm sure the dealership will teach you the way they want, but it wouldn't hurt to ask them upfront if Grant Cardone's style is what is taught. If it is, then you can feel more confident in making the transition to a full blown car salesman.

Good luck to you and don't hesitate to ask any more questions...


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