Auto Refinance Calculator

Refinance Scenarios

Use this auto refinance calculator to compare your current auto loan to up to five potential auto loan refinance scenarios.

This calculator is a great tool to really show you some of the great money saving benefits of refinancing.

The great thing about refinancing is that it is free! All that you need to do is find the right lender for your needs and invest a small amount of your time.

Take a look at My Auto Loan (finance marketplace)...Their lenders are currently advertising refinance rates as low as 2.79%. Check today's rates here -> "Auto Refinance"


Or, take a look at Money Aisle's Reverse Rate Auction. It's fun to watch the rates drop and there is no credit check necessary to start one.

Compare one loan or up to four loans.

This calculator is as easy 1-2-3.

  1. Fill in your current payoff
  2. Fill in the different loan terms
  3. Fill in your expected refinance rates and hit compute.
You'll then be able to see the difference in monthly payments, total interest you'll pay and monthly payments...

Current payoff/amount to finance ($): >>>
# of months >>> Loan #1 Loan #2 Loan #3 Loan #4
Interest Rate >>> % % % %
Monthly payment:
Total principal:
Total interest:
Total payments:

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