Biweekly Payment Calculator

An Easy Way
To Save Thousands

Use this biweekly payment calculator to see for yourself how making biweekly payments on your auto loan will save you hundreds to many thousands of dollars over the course of your loan.

In addition, you'll get your loan paid off much faster and increase your equity position much sooner.

This is especially true with larger, longer term loans like:

  • Luxury Vehicles
  • RV Loans
  • 72 Month Loans (or greater)
  • Home Mortgages
  • High Interest Rate Loans

Take a look at some of the examples of savings below (it might shock you) and use the biweekly payment calculator to see how many hundreds, or more likely, thousands of dollars you can save making biweekly payments on your auto loan.

Biweekly Payment Calculator
This calculator will help you to compare the costs between a loan that is paid off on a biweekly basis and a loan that is paid off on a monthly basis.

Enter the principal balance owed:
(call your lender and ask for the current payoff amount)
Enter the annual interest rate percentage:
Enter the number of months:
Here is your monthly payment amount:
Here is your biweekly payment amount:
This is how much interest you will pay using monthly payments:
This is how much interest you will pay making biweekly payments:
Biweekly Mortgage/Auto Loan Interest Savings:

This method of making payments is truly a great equity accelerator for mortgages, RV and car loans.

People have been using biweekly mortgage payments for years as an equity accelerator and to save tens of thousands of dollars in finance charges.

Making biweekly mortgage payments will allow you to pay a:

- 6% APR
- $250,000
- 30 Year off in 24.5 years and save $62,030, by reducing the total interest paid on your mortgage.

Now, this option is available for you to use to accelerate equity in a vehicle (whether an auto or RV) much faster.

Use this plan to payoff an 8%, $80,000, 180 month RV loan in 155 months and save $9,124.

Use this plan and watch your 8%, $25,000, 72 month auto loan get paid off in 65 months and save $720.

Making biweekly payments will help you to save lots of money in finance charges and help to reduce the negative equity that most Americans have in their vehicles at a much faster rate.

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