Bought a used car

by Marquarita B.
(South Afica , Johannesburg)

Question: About two days ago my husband bought his friends car and to date his friend has not given him the papers for the vehicle. All that they seemed to have done was exchange cash and then hand over the car. Whenever he call his friend he says that he is going to bring the papers through which he has not.

Please advise if there is anything that we can do about this. This vehicle is a 2008 Citroen C4. We are aware of where the guy lives, but is never home.

A reply will be highly appreciated


Answer: Hi Maggie. First off, I'd say that since it's only been two days that you may want to give him a little more time. Not much more, but a couple more days.

I'm not real familiar (in fact, know nothing about them) with the laws in South Africa, but I'd check with your version of Motor Vehicle Department and let them know what's going on. I'm hoping that your husband got some sort of Bill of Sale to prove that he had given the money. Otherwise this "friend" could essentially take the money and run.

Also, check with the Motor Vehicle Department to be sure there are no liens (when a bank has an interest in the vehicle), because this could complicate things further.

Worse case scenario, I'd think you'd have to take this friend to court and demand that he hand over the title. Be sure to somehow document that your husband paid this person any money. Bank withdrawl, cleared check, money order copy, etc.

I hope everything works out smoothly and the friend simply hands over the title. Please don't hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance.

Take care,

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