Can I back out of used car deal?

by Anonymous

Question: I bought a use car from a local dealer and traded in a car. Can I return the car and get my trade in?

Answer: Unfortunately, in most cases no. That's not to say it is not possible, but you'll definitely want to review your contract closely and look for a section referring to canceling the contract, returns and/or cooling off periods.

I am in Arizona and the contract that we use at our dealership states in bold on the front of the contract near the bottom that there is no cooling off period and the contract is binding once signed and the vehicle has been delivered.

Other states, like California, have a return window, in which you could return the vehicle minus a small fee. That I'm aware of though, the customer has to opt for this benefit at the time of sale.

In addition, some dealerships will offer a 5-7 day return policy. I would certainly contact them to see if this applies. Many dealerships would rather not sell a car than have a PO'd customer.

Lastly, if all else fails, then I'd suggest speaking with the manager and voicing your concerns. If they tell you to pound sand, then the next step would be to raise such a fuss and become such a nuisance that they take the car back just to get you off their back.

My second lastly (last one, promise)...Here's one way I've seen customers get out of a deal.

If you are financing the vehicle you may be able to tell the lender that you are not happy with the vehicle prior to making your first payment and they more than likely won't fund the deal...essentially meaning there is no deal.

Be very careful with that though as the dealer may try to come after you for money as the contract you signed is legally binding. In fact, to cover my rear end, I'd suggest talking to a qualified attorney prior to trying to "kink" the deal this way.

Hope this helps,


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