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Don't like my car
by: Anonymous


I bought a car in January, and after driving it for a short while, I've decided that I don't like it. Are there any options for me to sell it to a dealer, and break even?

Thank you.

Selling Your Car to a Dealer
by: Justin
(Editor in Chief)

Yes, you could sell your car back to the original dealer, or any dealer willing to buy it for that matter.

Where you will more than likely run into problems is the break even part...More than likely (unless you had a rather large down payment and/or have been making triple your monthly payments) you will not break even.

Dealers like to buy cars below wholesale and you more than likely paid private party value on up to full retail.

Of course, I don't have enough information to say for sure, but more than likely you did. This doesn't mean you got ripped off if you did, but does mean you'll have some negative equity.

On top of depreciation and the difference between what a dealer buys and sells a car for, you'll have the tax, title and license to contend with. I can't see anyway that you'll recoup that money selling back to a dealer.

Your best bet in this situation is to sell the vehicle on your own. Even here you may not break even, but you'll come a whole lot closer than through the dealer.

Take a look at - You Can Run it ‘til it Sells at - this way you'll stand to sell it faster and for the most money.

Hope this helps,

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