Can My Husband Use My Credit for a Used Car Loan?

by Marissa C.
(Riverside, CA)

Question: Can my husband use my job and credit to buy a used car under his name? Can I co-sign for him?

Hi Marissa. Unfortunately, your husband cannot use your job or your credit to get a used car loan.

There are some lenders that may consider your income without you going on the loan (it's called using household income), but this is extremely rare nowadays.

You can however sign with your husband to help him get a loan. Since you are married, you'd actually be considered a co-buyer vs. a cosigner.

Not really much of a difference between the two seeing as in both situations both parties are responsible for repaying the loan, but just thought I'd give you a heads up on the terminology.

Even though you may be able to go on the loan as a co-buyer, there are many variables that will come into play in order for the lender to say yes.

Some quick factors:

  • Your overall credit history

  • credit score

  • your income

  • your job and residence stability

  • loan structure (basically how much money you put down)

  • the type of vehicle your husband is looking to buy (age and miles)...

...and a few other little things that may impact your approval.

Apply with Auto Credit Express and they should be able to help you find local dealers that specialize in bad credit and no credit auto loans.

Good luck to both you and your husband getting your used car loan and please don't hesitate to get back in touch with me if I can be of more assistance.


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