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There are many car buying websites online offering cars for sale, but in my opinion there is really no reason to love one or hate one, but each will have their own unique services or benefits and that's what I'd like to review here.

I'll be starting off with two of my favorites, then cover one that offers some unique services to consumers with credit challenges and to top it off I'll cover one of the best websites for researching most anything automotive.

Best Car
Buying Websites

My first two picks are actually a tie for first, because they both offer great convenience to new car buyers...

1. TrueCar has really taken the new car buying market by storm! They are a huge company with many resources and you'll find over 1,000,000 vehicles listed for sale.

I find their site to be very easy on the eyes and easy to navigate. Simply find the vehicle you want and get your TrueCar certificate to take to a local TrueCar certified dealer.

Really simple and the savings can be huge!

Another great benefit of TrueCar

is how easy it is to get quotes for new autos (see for yourself, it'll take about 15-20 seconds). In addition, if there are multiple TrueCar certified dealers in your area you'll see multiple pricing options...Very easy!

Once you're done be sure to come on back and check out the car buying guide to learn what to do with those quotes to possibly save even more money.

2. CarsDirect

CarsDirect is one of the top car buying websites for many of the same reasons as TrueCar (note: they do not have quick acces to multiple quotes), but they do offer a free car buying service which:

  • Guarantees the Lowest Price
  • Eliminates the Car Salesman
  • Shows You MSRP, Invoice and Their Price
  • Has Award Winning Customer Service

Not to shabby...Eliminate the car salesman and guarantee the lowest price. It's easy to get started. Simply select your make, enter your zip code and GO...

3. DriveTime

DriveTime is actually not just a car buying website, but is also a dealership that specializes in bad credit auto loans as well. DriveTime finances 99% of the cars they sell themselves.

The reason they are listed in this car buying websites review is both because of their size (nation's largest with 78 locations) and their niche (bad credit auto loans).

If you are located in:

AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, NC, NM, NV, TN, TX or VA and have credit concerns, then DriveTime is for you. It's easy to get the process started. Apply for a loan, then browse their inventory online...Start here:

Bad credit, no credit, no problem.
Apply online; it takes 2 minutes.

4. Edmunds is an excellent research site and you'd be hard pressed to not find what it is you are looking for. Everything from new / used car quotes, to rebates, incentives, reviews, true cost to own calculator, and on and on...

My only gripe with Edmunds is that it may be a little too much for many buyers and can be a bit overwhelming with countless links to more and even more information. This can make navigation a bit confusing at times.

All in all, Edmunds is a great site and certainly an authority in the automotive field. If you like to research and to read, then Edmunds may be a perfect fit for you.

Of course, very similar to TrueCar and CarsDirect, you can Free Price Quotes at


Whether you get quotes from one or more of these car buying websites, you'll definitely want to be sure to check back here to follow along with the different guides to learn how to buy a car in order to maximize your savings!

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