Car Payment Calculator

Monthly Car Payments

Using this car payment calculator is a great first step in the car buying process and figuring an affordable budget.

This is a very basic, but quick payment calculator to get a feel for what type of monthly car payment you can expect to have based on a certain auto loan amount.

You can save quite a bit of time knowing upfront what kind of car payments to expect and not find yourself wasting time looking at $30,000 cars if you need a $300 payment.

In addition to your base monthly payments, keep in mind that there may be additional costs associated with your payment that this calculator does not factor.

  • Auto Insurance Costs...Often overlooked, until it's too late
  • Warranty Costs
  • GAP Insurances Costs
  • Tax, Title and License
  • Dealer Fees

Monthly Payment Calculator - Car Loan
This payment calculator will compute the monthly payment of an automobile loan.

Vehicle price ($):
Down payment ($):
Interest Rate (%):
Number of payments (# months):
Loan amount:
Monthly payment amount:

Now that you've figured comfortable monthly payments and a loan amount that keeps you in that range, it's time to head over to the Car Buying Guide and learn how to maximize your time and money savings.

Quick car Buying Tip

If you're on the lot and looking at a car that you have not had a chance to run the numbers through the calculator one simple way to quickly figure payments is to figure roughly $20 a month per thousand dollars borrowed.

A quick example would be a $30,000 car (assuming $30,000 borrowed) would have payments in the $600 range for a 60 month auto loan.

Of course, this isn't always the case and the payments could be less or more depending. Term of loan, down payment and interest rate will play a big factor, but it's a quick guide to get you in the neighborhood.

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