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Thanks for sharing!
by: Justin
(Editor in Chief)

Sorry to hear things went so bad for you and your wife. It sounds like they could have done more upfront (before you made the long drive) to determine if there would be any problems with financing.

Sometimes car salesmen will jump the gun and imply that things can be done when they can't. I'm not sure if that was exactly the case or not, but it sounds like it.

Take care,

bad credit = bad times
by: Anonymous

pay your bills and have good credit so you dont need to bring in your life's story to satisfy a loan stipulation

My experience was much different..
by: Anonymous

I was in and out in an hour after deciding on my car and I financed..

Sounds to me more like a credit issue than a Carmax issue. They can't control what the bank says. They don't finance the cars, they use lenders..

Just saying...

by: Anonymous

I have purchased 5 vehicles from Carmax and have been in and out in about 3 hours each time.
I do not know what your situation was but i have always had a great experience buying from them.
Unlike dealerships and their ripoff tactics!
I went to a Nissan dealer to buy a Pathfinder and was at that place for 10 hours! never again!

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