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Carmax Appraisals
by: Michelle

I visited the store in Los Angeles for an appraisal this weekend. They also offered me 13k. Lexus GX470 77k miles 04 model. They can kiss my royal butt. Said I had paint work in the hood. They are full of it and had a truck same as mine for $22,998 with more miles. I will never go there again not even worth my time!

Review NEW
by: Anonymous

You are in an ideal situation to offer it private gathering. | cheap essay. Dealerships will really give you less cash for an auto with customization's in light of the fact that a greater part of individuals need a stock auto. Car Max low balls you at any rate and you would most likely get far under blue-book from them as a result of the custom parts.

Yep...I agree--they lowballed! NEW
by: SwimMomRuns

I just sold my elderly mother's 2007 Lexus ES 350 with 36,390 miles to Carmax with her present. This car was BABIED--I called it her "bubble-wrapped" car--perfect condition: the leather seats showed NO age (not "burnished" from use). She was the only owner and only passenger, so if any wear would show, it would only have been in the driver's seat, but even that showed no wear on the seat, dash, or footwell/carpets. She didn't let "Matilda" even see a flake of snow or spec of mud. It had been detailed the week prior (at her dealer). This car was fully loaded with navigation, moonroof, premium plus package...just about all you could want. Her Lexus dealer (was buying a new Lexus SUV from the same dealer) tried to rip her off by offering $18K for the ES 350 AND an '08 Honda CRV with 84K miles--big mistake for her to take in two cars, as they didn't write down on paper the separate trade-in offers for the separate vehicles. After being offered $9K for each car (which they later denied when we pulled the old Lexus from the deal, and then said she owed them back $9500 plus tax for the old Lexus), we decided that was too low. NADA, KBB, etc. Trade-in values for this condition, super low mileage, and amenities said Low-High ranged $14K - high $15K, so we decided to take it to Carmax, thinking they are very fair and the "no-haggle" model appealed to her. Carmax in Merrillville, IN, only offered her a flat $12K. Yes, this was better than her Lexus dealer, but was still far off from what my research showed a "fair" price would be. They said things like, "Well, the seats aren't ripped." Aren't RIPPED? They are not only far from ripped, they are in MINT condition! (I honestly couldn't tell the difference between her "old" Lexus interior and the brand new ones at the Lexus dealer's lot...which, by the way, their used Lexuses all had high mileage--$80K and up.) We found examples of similar '07 Lexuses in Carmax's inventory with higher mileage for around $17-$19K.
Specifically, an '07 with NO NAVIGATION near our home and $42K miles for a no-haggle price of two dollars shy of $18,000! I know they need to make a profit, but a profit of $6K? ...and this car has 6,000 extra miles on it, without the navigation, so why did they only offer us $12K? I'm sad to say we sold it to them because my mother was too afraid to drive it back to my town on two very busy interstates (65 & 94). My husband and I would have sold it privately, but we were very busy this month with other issues this month, so she decided it was best to be rid of it. I just don't understand the point of KBB, Tru-Car, Edmonds, etc. used car estimates if the dealers and Carmax say they are not "valid." Somehow when you are buying a car from them, suddenly the (higher) prices are then most "valid!" This has taught me to just drive my cars until they are dust and buy/sell as few cars in my lifetime as possible.

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