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Happy Customer in Ohio
by: Lin H.

I recently took my car to CarMax to get it appraised. I was very happy with the customer service and they appraised my car at what I thought it was worth. I also received a letter from a well known dealership saying they were in need of the kind of car I had. Just out of curiousity I took the car to that dealership to get it appraised. They offered 1500 dollars less than what CarMax appraised it at. So needless to say I sold it to CarMax. If I am ever in need of a car, I would definitley go to CarMax

by: Anonymous

Carmax should be CarLiars! I had everything confirmed on the phone and when I went in everything changed... They wanted more for down payment and wasted 3 hrs. for no reason. They thought I was going to do it their way. NOT!

They should have stuck to what was agreed on the phone. 2 days later I got a better car, with better financing, more for my car and was closer to home. Went to the Autoplex Tempe Dodge/Kia.

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