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CarMax Sucks!
by: Anonymous

CarMax sucks big time! They tried to give me around $2,500 less than the "clean trade-in" value on a 2005 Ford Taurus. They gauge "negative equity" completely wrong and the banks they use suck.

The Sales managers won't call you back. They gave me two fake email addresses when trying to contact the sales Manager.

Crooks, thieves and dupes. Go elsewhere or go there first for a laugh. "No Haggle" means...they offer you a low-ball trade-in and then also kill you on the back-end. Corporate greed at its best. These d*****bags will go the way of Circuit City...mark my words. I may contact the FTC regarding my experiences there.

Carmax = Thieves
by: Anonymous

They are in it for the money. They do not give a damn about the customer. That is why this coutry has gone to crap. Because of money hungry thieves, like the ones that run Carmax.

Sounds like a business
by: Anonymous

Hmmmm, imagine that. Carmax is trying to make money on buying and selling cars. You act like you were forced to go to Carmax and they took you to a room to sign paperwork before the unlocked to door. So far I read nothing wrong what they did. And by the way, wheels and tires do not had value to a car. If anything, they take it away. Most aftermarket modifications take away value.

Low ball offer NEW
by: Anonymous

They offered me 3,000 for my low mileage BMW in good shape! 1/3 of blue book

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