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by: Justin
(Editior in Chief)

Thanks for sharing Gabriel. Sorry to hear about the bad deal you got. More than likely your story will open some visitors eyes and at least get them to do some research about vehicle values prior to buying from any dealer let alone CarMax.

FYI - I'm not sure if you've gone over 30 days late on the payments or how your overall credit is, but you may want to consider refinancing (now that you are not so upside down) with another lender to get those payments down.

If your credit is at least average take a look at Money Aisle as they may have some lenders that might be able to help.

Congratulations on your soon to be marriage...

Take care,

One bad apple......
by: Anonymous

Fortunately, "one bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch,girl".......Sorry to hear, but I think your experience is REALLY outside the norm. My experience with Carmax has been totally the opposite when dealing with them, over 3 cars now. Do you really think they would be in business for over 15 years (or more?) if they "ripped off everyone" as you suggest? I'd rather not go back to buying from dealerships where they change prices and trade-in values according to each salesperson's own prerogative....or 'tactics'!

by: Anonymous

You want ripoff? Try Drivetime. I was once young, and thought i had bad credit, Drivetime gave me a loan when i thought no one else would (oh was i mistaken) i agreed to a 33.3% financing rate, and hosed myself for several years. You went in unprepared, bought a car without knowing the kbb value, and when you're late on payments expect them to what? just let you have the car? I'm not sure what you're expecting but you should not blame the dealership for your own mistakes.

Be Prepared
by: Joe Brown

That is so true. If you do the research needed to find the real will get a real deal. What is a good deal? A good deal is a deal that the buyer "thinks" is a good deal. Enjoy your' vehicle while you still can and move forward. When dealing with any transaction be prepared to act without emotions and take a deep breath in an effort to meet half way. Be ready to pay attention to the details. Think.

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