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Top 10 Benefits of
Buying a Car From Them

CarMax Auto Sales great benefits...
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CarMax Auto Sales offers their customers some excellent benefits. In fact, I feel that they go far above and beyond what the majority of car dealerships offer to car buyers.

I feel they are able to do this, because everyone is on the same page (from management to sales) and they understand that customer service and convenience is what it's all about.

Well, that's enough of my rambling, let's take a look at some of their great benefits and you can decide for yourself before we move on to the profits section...

10 Great Benefits
of CarMax Auto Sales

  1. No Haggle Pricing
    This is a great benefit if you are the type that hates to haggle and negotiate for hours. There are certainly some pitfalls to this as well and we'll cover those more in depth in our next section.

  2. CarMax Auto Finance
    Not only do they work with a multitude of lenders for most all credit types, but they even have their own financing arm, CarMax Auto Finance. They claim to help over 100,000 people a year get financing.

    This benefits those with some credit challenges, but can also present some pitfalls which I'll discuss later.

  3. Huge Inventory
    With over 90 locations nationwide, you'd be hard pressed to not find a vehicle that meets your needs. They will ship vehicles between stores (for a fee).

    If they are not the largest used car dealer, then they are pretty darn close. When it comes to inventory, they are truly a one stop shop.

  4. Fixed Commissions
    With fixed sales persons commissions, you won't run into the pushy sales person trying to "switch" you to a vehicle you don't want simply because there is the potential for a larger commission for the salesman.

    If you typically don't like working with car salesmen then this is a huge benefit to their program.

    In addition, you will only work with one person throughout the entire process. That's a huge benefit if you don't like the typical routine of working with a salesman, sales manager (closer) and then into meet with a Finance Manager.

  5. 125+ Point Inspections
    You can certainly buy your car with confidence knowing that it's been through a rigorous 125+ point inspection.

    They also check for frame damage, flood damage and salvage title. In fact, they offer a clean title guarantee.

    They will buy the vehicle back from you if it's ever discovered that the vehicle you purchased had odometer discrepancies, flood or salvage title prior to the sale.

    From what I can tell, they have a very thorough inspection and reconditioning process. Their unofficial motto is that you won't be "buying a car that looks or feels used."

    I would have to agree based on what I've seen.

  6. Free Full Vehicle History Report
    CarMax Auto Sales takes a lot of pride, as they should, in the vehicles that they sell. They want customers to know that the vehicle they are buying is top notch. They not only put them through a great inspection and reconditioning process, but are willing to show the complete recorded history of the vehicle for free.

  7. 5-Day Money Back Guarantee
    A money back guarantee is, in my opinion, one of the strongest guarantees a dealership can offer.

    Their money back guarantee practically eliminates buyers remorse, which if you've ever experienced this, can lead to a somewhat devastating car buying experience.

    This is especially true if you're locked into a 5, 6 or even a 7 year finance contract.

    Big thumbs up here.

  8. Limited 30-Day Warranty
    Another very strong offering. As I mentioned earlier, they stand behind the vehicles they sell.

  9. They'll Buy Your Car Even If You Don't Buy Theirs
    Typically a dealership has no interest in your old vehicle unless you are buying a car from them. The only time they might consider buying yours, is if they were "stealing" it.

    CarMax will pay cash for cars no matter what you plan to do. If you have zero intention of buying from CarMax, they will still give you a quote to buy your old car outright.

    This is great if you are in a tough spot and need quick cash for cars.

  10. Financial Security
    If you've either experienced it first hand, or know of someone that has, dealing with a dealership that is essentially living paycheck to paycheck can be a complete nightmare.

    I have personally worked for a couple of different dealerships in this type of financial situation and, let me tell you, it's no good and you want to stay away.

    One dealer in particular that comes to mind would take a vehicle in on trade and make payments on the trade in vehicle for up to 6 months before it would be paid off.

Who Benefits Buying
From CarMax Auto Sales

All in all, CarMax Auto Sales offers a great car buying service to their customers. If the benefits above were appealing to you and you are willing to potentially pay more for their excellent service and one on one car buying/sales process, then you'll probably have a very pleasant car buying experience.

Just know that their "No Haggle" pricing does not equal "Bargain Basement" pricing and in my opinion they do charge more than your average dealership. This leads us into our next section...How they profit and how much they may profit.

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