Choice between a 1999 Civic 4 door or a Cavalier VLX 2002

by Gilles
(Halifax, NS, Canada)

Question: We have to get rid of one of our cars (1999 Civic 4 door DX and a Cavalier 4 door VLX 2002) and we are wondering which one we should keep as we are buying a minivan. Both are in good condition with the same mileage. Help

Thank you

Answer: Hi Gilles. I think this is going to come down to a personal decision. Both vehicles have roughly the same book value, but I'd tend to think the Civic would be worth more if you were to sell it private party. In addition, as each vehicle gets older, I'd think the Civic would continue to hold its value better than the Cavalier.

Not knowing too much about each vehicle I'd have to semi blindly say that selling the Cavalier at this stage would probably be your best option.

In USD I'd guess (a lot depends on the mileage and options) that you could get between $3,000 to $4,500 at this point. Refer to my How to Sell a Car guide for additional advice.

Hope this helps,

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