Chrysler 2002 Town and Country Limited

by Thomas A.
(Dix Hills, NY )

Question: I would like to know the size of the engine, the transmission and the wheels the 2002 Chrysler Town and Country limited comes with.

Thank you,

Answer: Hi Thomas. The 2002 Town and Country was built with both a 3.3L V6 (roughly 180 horsepower) and a 3.8L V6 (roughly 215 horsepower). If my memory serves me correctly the 3.8L engine was standard on the Limited models.

Both came with an automatic transmission. I want to say that it was a 4 speed transmission, but don't quote me on that.

The Town and Country also came in both FWD and AWD models. I'm not too sure about the wheel size, but would guess they were in the 16-17" range.

It's actually been since 2002 that I last sold Chryslers, so I'll apologize if I'm a little rusty with my knowledge.

Hope this helps,

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