Cosigner for a Car Loan With No Drivers License

by Jarrard G.
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Question: Can someone be a cosigner for a car loan with no drivers license? The only person I can find that will cosign my loan does not have a valid drivers license.

Answer: Hi Jarrard,

Yes, but it will really depend on the lender and what their guidelines are. Most lenders will require that the primary borrower have a valid drivers license (not all), but many will only require some kind of official ID for a cobuyer or cosigner.

This is true with different types of lenders, with non-prime and prime lenders often being flexible with the second customer.

This is really going to need to be something a dealer that can pull credit (to determine what lender will work best for your situation) will have to help you with.

Simply fill out this quick auto loan application and a dealer that specializes in these types of situations should be in touch with you shortly to discuss the details of your loan.

Hope this helps,

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