Credit Accpetance Dealers

by Joyce W.
(Farmington, IL)

Question: How can I find Credit Acceptance dealers in my area and what are my chances of buying a car with bad credit due to foreclosure and late payment history?

Answer: Hi Joyce. Unfortunately, Credit Acceptance Corp does not have a "locate a dealer" search on their website, but you can try their customer service number and see if they can tell you what dealers they have contracted with in your local area: 1-800-634-1506.

With regards to getting approved, you're 100% guaranteed to get approved with Credit Acceptance and there are many other lenders that specialize in bad credit auto loans that can help.

You can apply for a Bad Credit Car Loan here to find local dealers that use Credit Acceptance and/or similar finance companies.

Typically you are going to need a decent sized down payment to get into a decent car, so expect to put 10-30%. Actually, Credit Acceptance Corp only requires $500 down, but a small down payment can limit your options as to what kind of car you can buy.

If traditional lenders are requiring more down payment than you can afford, then you may have to use a Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) dealer like DriveTime or JD Byrider.

The most important thing when buying from a BHPH is to be sure that they report to the credit bureaus monthly. You'll want this to help rebuild your credit and make the car loan process a little bit easier the next time around.

Hope this helps,

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