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Im confused
by: Anonymous

You mentioned the slowed your repairs down when your car was hit? That sounds like your insurance company to blame not the car dealership. Other than your poor credit it doesnt seem like there is a complaint. I may be wrong but there are no examples in your comments so I dont understand why you would down someone that would finace people who never pay their bills and have taken advantage of everyone else who has let them barrow money.

Just my opinion

by: Anonymous

he/she didnt say that she didnt pay her bills.... she said that she didnt have credit history. I think that before you decide to post such an opinion you should read the comments better.

by: Anonymous

You sound like one of the rude people i have heard work for the company. i was considering this place but with attitudes like that toward the customers and without a true vision for helping those in less fortunate situations as your own high and mighty self, maybe I should reconsider.

by: Anonymous

First learn how to comprenhend text, then before you post, check your spelling and grammar! Looks like your not even old enough to purchase a car....Your lack of education is clearly evident here by the manner your presented yourself.

Previous comment
by: Anonymous

PROBBBABLY should check your own "spelling and grammar" before criticizing others. It's "you're", not "your."

Drive Time Lies
by: Anonymous

Drive Time will tell you one lie, read your contract before signing. If you lease, know that yo will pay twice the average of any other lease company.

They will say $200 per month but, that is a lie. You will pay double plus, Had to turn my auto in once I found their bold face lie.

For a 2005 I owed %500 per month plus.
I was promised $189 per month and only a 750 dollar downpayment. THAT WAS A LIE ALSO !

They Smile in your face and suck you right in.

I Don't encourage anyone butt another fool to use 'Drive Time'.

bought a lemon
by: Anonymous

Purchased a 2008 jeep patriot from this company with the warranty and now the warranty company doesn't want to repair the vehicle. I have only owned it a year and the motor is needing to be replaced. The warranty company is not wanting to replace or fix my truck.

Re: Bought a Lemon
by: Justin
(Editor in Chief)

Did they give you a reason they are not going to cover the repair? Are they claiming neglect or something? What component is it that failed? With most warranties all internally lubricated parts are covered, so this is weird that they wouldn't cover it. Please give me what information you can and I'll try to help...

Good luck to you,

horrible NEW
by: Anonymous

I purchased a 2007 BMW from them and the warranty and now they are saying they won't cover the motor. Just purchased the car 6 months ago.

Review NEW
by: Anonymous

Drive Time may be an arrive /pay here merchant. assignment writing service. They're completely administration of the worth and along these lines the Gregorian datebook month as a consequence of they handle you are frantic for a car and can't get one wherever else. They are savage loan specialists. They charge an overabundance of business sector cost for his or her case, charge revolting interest rates and their autos are normally pooches.

Drive Time! NEW
by: Susan Fernando

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