DriveTime Saved Me

by rennee
(jackson,ms USA)

I just bought a nice 2004 Lexus GS300 from DriveTime; the price was escalated by $3000 but included the service warranty and oil changes. Then I looked them up on the internet to check out the payment options and that's when I saw all the complaints. I started to have some regret but it was the last day of a rental and I needed to decide on a car.

I found the Lexus on the car search, walked in, spoke with sales woman "Rennee" who was exceptional nice and NOT pushy. I thought it was too good to be true but I have had worse experiences at traditional car lots with the same high interest, but the sales people always choose a car for me to "FIT" the loan so they would say.

My only concern right now is that I plan to pay off my car early and some comments suggest that you can't do so with DriveTime but I can't imagine that being so and I am scared that my payments will not be recorded accurately and my car get repossessed by error.

The problem is that I wanted to buy for a lot less but due to a bankruptcy, I needed something long term to increase my score. People need to realize that several traditional lenders are getting into subprime lending and the big dealerships are ripping people off as well...remember that if your score is below are very HIGH risk and you pay for that literally......

Happy with my LEXUS so far and I try to listen for kinks and research problems with cars based on the car not the dealership...

DriveTime actually saved me.....

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